Future Revealed Element Predictions


I don’t see a prediction thread yet for future elements so here goes, my personal ideas of what we could be seeing next

  • A way to talk to other players over large distances
  • New types of exocraft to ride on asteroids/comets
  • A large enough asteroid/comet to accomodate this, possibly in planet rings
  • Bases on asteroids, possibly
  • Derelict spacecraft / freighters to explore and possibly loot… possibly in space
  • A VR headset hologram (secretly hoping for this), the W/ARE headset thing might hint at this


I feel like landing on big asteroids will be a thing. They’ve mentioned it in the past, I believe. And with ringed planets, hopefully asteroid fields will be reworked.

Finding derelict mining rigs on big asteroids would be awesome!



I edited the title of the thread to include the word “Gameplay” to make it clearer and help it get more attention.


was actually referring to the elements in the satcom dashboard, but fair enough :slight_smile:


OH I see, sorry. Feel free to change it back, or I can.

Edit: Alright, sweet. Sorry for the misunderstanding! :sweat_smile:


there you go :wink:


I think we will get some sort of video - probably the match to the audio we already have.


That seems likely, though if there’s a video, I feel it would include much more than just images to accompany the audio, probably new mechanics or a complete graphical overhaul