BEYOND Video Breakdown

Let’s breakdown the video. Post your ideas and speculations!

What are these tall things in the foreground?

The green things to the far left and right appear to be a table with a floating dome and some sort of holographic interface? or perhaps a container?
The holographic cube has a circle like a planet? it has a grid-like overlay for coordinates? and it looks like a picture of the surface of the planet in the top left corner of the cube.

Definitely couches, potted plants and containers. What are the triangular, colorfully striped areas on either side of the room? Just wall structures? Functional or aesthetic?

New landing pads.

Containers back to the walls on both sides. But there is a wall. Not as large as some have stated it might be, but still very roomy.

These little orange lights seem to be floating. A glitch? I predict yes…:grin:

and the big orange floating blocks. They do not move in the vid…interesting.

Are there steps leading down or is this as far as we can go?

And lastly, the portal, I believe, is most definitely one of the ring structures. I predict they will begin to function and it fits nicely with the Boundary Failure part of the lore.

Now that I have most likely made a complete arse of meself, I turn it over to the rest of you to do the same. :sweat_smile:

Oh, and don’t forget the ominous music that ends with the Sentinels…:grimacing:


how many landing zones exist?


That is a good question. It seems to just be 4…unless there is another set behind us. But 4 does not really fit with the new idea some have of the new multi-player.
I fall back to the statement HG made about people across the Universe being able to play together and I will go out on a limb and predict that it is not the size of the group that will change but the change will either be cross-platform or simply that we can travel from one Galaxy to another and back again easily, which is something we currently cannot do. One of the 2 is what the Boundary Failure is all about. ( or perhaps, both)


The Cubey thing in image 2 looks like a device of some sort and appears to have 8 terminals surrounding it

Edit: looks like more than 8

PG posted this slowed down loop on twitter:


It seems to be interactive and is the main thing in the room so I say it is functional and not just decoration. Like the terminals on our Freighters, perhaps we can get missions or more community events here or upload pictures etc…to share.
I would like to see the planet coordinates being used.


I think so too , but the terminals seem identical, where on the freighter they differ by look for different functions. On second look, there appears to be 12 of them soooooooo… 12 man squads?


An idea just occurred to me. What if we will be able to map the planets? It is so easy to lose that TradingPost or the Portal. It would add a new dimension to exploration.


Compared to the previous Beyond video, the large platform has gone through quite a few changes. The initial video does not start as far back as the new video does either. It looks like the large platform made place for 4 landing pads, the cargo stuff and waiting area with the benches and potted plants. Each landing pad has some sort of device, but looks different from the panel we are familiar with to call in a ship/vehicle. Can’t tell if it is possible to interact with this new device. Considering we only see 4 pads, co-op amount ‘may’ not have changed.

The new area we now get to see is very mysterious, with no obvious interaction locations. There is basically nothing ‘familiar’ to see here at all. The large cube will certainly receive most speculation, but it will be guessing what it does or what purpose it has. It appears to be surrounded by 12 orange screens (symmetrical). For this reason, I doubt they can be interacted with, but who knows.

Inside the cube appears to be a ‘sentinel’ looking spherical device. Might actually be representing the, what I think to be the multiplayer hub, seen from the outside. So the cube could be showing a location, whether that be galaxy, or universe/star system. The 4 sides of the cube are paired, showing 2 different sets of ‘info’. One set shows a lot of small animated squares, with the other set showing a large round circle with a grid and what appears to be a planetary view in the top left corner.

I don’t really know what else to say about it. Your guess would be as good as mine, although I am hesitant making any assumptions. I’ll draw my conclusions once I get to see it for real!


You could, of course be right about the terminals, but I would hate to see that many terminals and none of them function…They kind of remind me of the medical and shield stations we have now. They don’t look especially like interactive items either but they are. So I will hope…:pleading_face:


I just don’t know, but having 12 identical ‘terminals’ surrounding the cube, makes it seem more likely to me to just be for ‘looks’. Of course that’s not to say the cube can’t be interacted with, but I would just expect the terminals to stand out more and not be repeated as often.

And oh my … would I love to be able to turn that camera around! The place seems huge and we only see part of it. Who knows what is ‘behind’ the camera? Maybe there’s a whole lot more we can do there?

Edit: I mean, why don’t we see a holo terminus, or an appearance modifier? Like I said, basically nothing we are already familiar with and expect to see in a large landing bay like the space stations …


Yes, the tall things in the first split second of the video suggest there could be quite a bit more behind us. It could be that the cube seems central because we aren’t really seeing the main feature…
Also, is this the area at the back of the current Space Stations? It makes sense and has a similar look. I have often wondered why there was a big round light on the back wall…


Ah, there we go … I had not mentioned this yet, but the whole colour scheme does seem familiar somehow :wink:


Yes. This has me hopeful that a ton more Lore is coming. Even with NEXT, the Atlas is depicted on the cover art in a more menacing way…I’m scared! :scream:


there ther @sheralmyst, pats nothing to be worried about, as Macforaday says “everything is gonna be alright”

Except EMILY!


Cosh her on the head with a beer stein! :beer:


I sure hope we get more lore. The area we get to see, to me, feels like we may be flying right out of some sort of Sentinel production station. This together with the ominous transition to a red screen and the word BEYOND … hmmm. We may be crossing some boundaries :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes. It would also fit the Lore and the fact that the Sentinels are so upset over the Boundary Failure. Could be that what we see is not a Hub at all but someplace in the Lore…


those whom have discord how is that insanity going?


Not on it but seems to be fairly wild…


I have always thought it to be a multiplayer hub, because of what we knew would be coming. Now I am actually not all that sure anymore. Maybe what we see is part of the unknown and widely speculated 3rd pillar?