Asteroid Mining (An Idea for the Future)

Since August 2016 I visioned myself mining asteroids in our beloved NMS for hours. However, the one area I find without depth is the asteroid mining in space. I love spending hours mining ore deposits on planets with the multi-tool. It’s therapeutic, relaxing and I can get lost in it.

I would love to be able to go to space and drop a scan much like you would to scan a planet but have (or a chance of having) an asteroid belt appear on your screen via icon, similar to icons for structures on planets. From there you could warp to the asteroid belt where it would have rare resources and asteroids to mine with a dedicated mining laser. I would love to be able to spend hours mining rocks in space and trading them back and forth between systems.

It’s a dream but I feel like this will one day be implemented in a future update.

What do you guys think?


You can sort of do that now. Iron and Thamium are the most common. Then there’s the big ones with copper. And some systems randomly have other elements scattered about. You can see asteroids that have a “crystal” shape to them that have rarer elements. Although none of it is valuable enough to trade.

It wouldn’t take much to expand the system they have now to allow for that kind of gameplay. Add some rare elements, maybe a few unique items you could only get from asteroids. Not a bad idea. Another avenue of gameplay for anyone interested.


I think @NerdDownDillon wants to land on a large asteroid and get out to start mining with the multitool. And that sounds like it could be a lot of fun! Especially if there could be caves to explore and even a couple creatures lurking around.

And just think of the view while your mining and exploring the asteroid!


I certainly like the idea, although I am not sure about asteroids being big enough to land on. There should be close to zero-gravity, making landing kind of impossible? Being able to leave our ship though, would make for an interesting mechanic/risk while floating out there, using our jetpack to navigate.


Well, you can always glitch out the back of your freighter :wink:

Personally, after my experience in the Artemis missions, I’m not keen on getting out of my ship in space…

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That is a great idea (@NerdDownDillon)! Make it so HG!!

I like the idea of being able to land on them also with a few surprises likes caves to explore. New animals never seen on planets and such (great idea @Wickerson). That would be a great addition!


That’s not a bad idea too :slight_smile: I just meant I would like to mine asteroids from my ship, similar to EVE Online or Elite: Dangerous. I think it would be fun to have a dedicated mining laser, kind of like what we get on our Exo Crafts. I just want to lay back, listen to 65 Days of Static and beam rocks for units :slight_smile:

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I think they just might be big enough to land on. You know those asteroids that look like crystals? Here’s a shot with my ship somewhat close to one. Look how small my ship really is compared to the crystals!


Ah yes, that misleading cockpit view, they look huge in Photo Mode indeed.

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I do recall, early in development during an interview (could be one of the gameinformer ones, maybe the one with the rapid fire questions?) seans asked if you can land on asteroids, his answer was “yes, right now you can.” which to me sounded like “our landing mechanism has yet to be specified on what it can and can not land on, right now it lands on EVERYTHING!”