How Does Portal Relocation Work in Next?

Do old portals still work? I have an address I could relocate to but I don’t know how portal relocation works now with multiple base options.
Any help…?


Has anyone seen a portal?

I haven’t yet, but I haven’t been looking g for them very hard either

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Portal address still assigned to same planets, tried my old one today :slight_smile:

How did you find the portal?

Make a booster . but now you also need navigational data to access the artifact menu on it to find a monolith. nav data I got from a trading post


A friend was doing artemis quest and was directed to one so he marked it for me :slight_smile:


I’ve also noticed the tall atlas pass canisters on people’s freighters are glitched and can give two to three navigation data in a row before cool down activates. The lights keep flicking back to green. Greedily abused this bug to help with my search for a legacy base console.


What is a “legacy base console”?

Via monolith? That mechanic seems unchanged (haven’t tried it yet, but the option showed up in the monolith dialog when I visited one).

It’s the computer inside the old habitable base buildings I think. Id say they appear just like they used to inside the round building with a round flat area surrounding it, so the old bases don’t hit any geography problems when being recovered.

However have yet to find one or figure out ho law to track them down. I thought habitable building in the signal booster would work but no such luck.


I am having a problem locating the Monoliths. Each Nav Data scan leads me to a Plaque which only has 2 options. Learn the Language or Seek Knowledge of the Past which leads to a dig site. I can’t seem to find a Monolith to get the Portal location from.

I find reusing the signal booster without picking it up will eventually yield a monolith (and it removes the plaque/ruin marker if any came up beforehand).

The quickest way is to summon an exocraft, the upgraded scanner can look for monoliths specifically at no cost.


It sounds like you need an exocraft.

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Thanks! I don’t really use the exocraft so that explains my confusion. :roll_eyes:

Hmmm…my exo can only scan for depots, drop pods and abandoned structures…do I want the latter or do I need an upgrade?

Don’t go to the location if it’s not a monolith, it won’t find the same thing if you haven’t cleared the icon. The booster can be wonky too, and not pick up stuff sometimes - might need to try a few times


Yes. I think there’s two upgrades for the exocraft signal boosters, and you need both to be able to scan for monoliths.


I had the same issue,as I rarely use exocraft. I do have one with all the upgrades and it allows you to scan for ‘Alien’ things; (structures or relics or something).
The Signal Booster is more random.

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