Hours Spent since NEXT?



I know this is bad but I am going to ask anyways :slight_smile:

How many hours have you played NEXT since release?


PS 32 hrs of work and 32 hours of NEXT since Tuesday

PPS yes I am loving both my save and my new Game


Trying not to look…:grin:


PS4 was at 63 hours before the update now im at 94 hours since NEXT :sparkling_heart::heart_eyes:


Not enough. :grin:


I had around 320 before next now have approx 350


Makes me almost wish I would have vacation to keep up with you :wink:

Blockquote SnailynRage

PS4 was at 63


I am off work today and it’s 10:30 AM I can get 12-14 more today :slight_smile:


Creative: 12:05 hours
Normal: 22:01 hours

Total: 34.06 hours :blush:

About to hop back in.


Maybe 14 or so hours for this interloper. Crazy, the number of hours we spend in this universe.


Maybe 10 or 12 hours… wish I could spend more time playing !


I estimate around 20 hours trying to get my bugged older save to work (and exploring the finer issues with the bug for the report.)

I am at around 25 hours now with a new game on alternate account while awaiting fixes.


So far about 20. I’m not getting really deep until more of the bugs are fixed.



Yep… 20 to 30 hrs given I’ve been testing various loads and starts on PS4. No progress beyond a cabin on my old 1.3 carry over save because I’m scared of bugs but I’ve explored a bit and kept reverting back to my manual save.
Hard to say how much…
At least Ive got the new start-up down to a fine art :grin:


So far i have put in about 35 to 40 hours and cant wait to put in more


Hit 45 hrs today,

Still pushing my new save, and my old save.

I got a new tech from a operations factory!!! (for my fleet!)



300 hours before NEXT, 17 hours after


800+ on ps4 then pc before next. 12 since next. Been waiting for the patches to flow out before doing much more than resource gathering and being transfixed by the planetary environs. Love the dust storms!


:100: How am I suppose to get any in game work done with these beautiful and varied environments! :laughing:


I was at like 10 hours on the main exploring save I had pre-NEXT. That’s jumped to about 20 hours as of yesterday.