Share with me your milestones!

Hello fellow Travellers!

I am still a newborn when it comes to No Man’s Sky, I have just hit the 100. Hour of playing and still counting, but now I was very curious, how much you Scientists have been researching this simulation? And how far have you come?
Would you mind sharing your Milestone page so I can have a few relatives, and we can talk about our progressions :slight_smile:

I would be really happy if you guys would contribute to this, as you get me very interested, the more I read here!
I will translate those milestones, because they are in german.

456KS Walked
230 Aliens Met
386 Words learned
53,xxx,xxx Units earned
95 Destroyed Starships
310 Sentinels destroyed
43.9 Survived SOLs under extreme conditions
143 Times Warped
5 Planetary species discovered

I am very curious how far you guys are, where have you been at my point and so on, join the talk!

Im Honor


I was on PS4 from day 1 then switched to PC where I now have 142 hours.


Thank you for posting this! Thats very interesring to see, what your acomplishments are after 142H!

In Honor


My Ninety Miles:

90 Miles

Currently @ 965 hours on Steam, I did to much permadeath before it was a thing as my normal save times is about 420 hours.



This is very impressive to me! Thank you for Sharing!

In Honor

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