Historical Document Unrecognized

Currently the Artifact Exchange Vault at the Celestial Archives does not recognize Historical Documents. Reported.
20200929073010_1Historical Document
It seems planetary charts are not being given at the Archives either…


I am sitting on a Biological Sample that a traveler discovered with similar results.

Can’t turn it in grayed out Submit’s



3xperimental patch 01/10 has fixed this issue! :smiley: Hopefully will roll to public soon.


Still no dice on this one though most recent experimental

I think this would be something to run into the archives?


Recovered Items are not exchanged at the Archives…just analyze them for a pocket full of nanites.
The exchange takes
Fossil Samples
Lost Artifacts
Biological Samples
Historical Dilocuments
Unearthed Treasures
Each Celestial Archive supports a combination of the 3
Which combination they offer may or may not be determined by the race that occupies the system. Currently testing this…


Ah… now that you mention it I finally see the E Analyse data lolz!!

If it was a snake…


I hate to hijack the thread but I can find nothing regarding this and it’s the closest. I got a sheet music from a ruin in the box you unlock with keys. I had it for about an hour, and it randomly went from x1 to x0 and turned gray in my inventory. I was on my way to put it in the artifact exchange but never made it because I realised this on my way. When I picked it up to transfer it it said value 0,and unit value 712k under that… When I put it back in its slot, it dissapeared completely… Do these things degrade since they are 700 year old pieces of paper? Is that even a mechanic in this game? I spent 30 minutes digging this up with all the keys and such. I’m not Terribly happy. Reloaded my save just in case and I guess it was after it already went to x0. Meh :frowning:


I assume you mean it showed an item count? These items are not supposed to show an item count at all. These are always a single item without showing a count.

I would think you ran into a bug where it showed the item count to begin with, which then lead to somehow being used up to show 0. The unit value showed correctly as you said, but considering you now had 0 of it, you’d not get anything in exchange.

These treasures do not degrade over time, you ran into a bug where it considered it to be a different kind of item that requires a unit count to show, which then led to becoming greyed out and disappearing altogether. You may want to report this to Hello Games’ Zendesk.


Will do. I believe this happened at the same time the resources in my personal refinery were also lost. Both fuel and the sodium in it. I flew to the space station but walked back to the surface. I wonder if it is a similar issue to the ongoing warp causing you to lose all resources in refiners and such… Weird


And, as I found out, having a “Historical Document” means nothing if you are in the wrong system. Archives are faction/species-specific. Not every type of item can be “input” at a particular Celestial Archive.