Hidden meaning in 'End of the World Sun'


*Probably digging too deep and seeing connections were there are none, but interesting non the less

So, today I was listening to End of the World Sun by 65daysofstatic, the tenth track on the no man’s sky soundtrack. I always assumed that the song was about the inner four planets of our solar system being destroyed in a few billion years. The song starts of relatively ‘happy’, less percussive. Then, after some time, around the 1:25 mark, the fist beat is dropped. The way I see this song (once again, probably digging too deep) is not specifically about humanity being destroyed when the sun goes super nova, but just humanity ending in general. As every second passes, I imagine that one hundred thousand people die, at 1:25, 1.25 billion people would be dead, and the population of the planet has to stop pretending every thing’s okay, that this is the beginning of the end. Then the percussion starts and the song becomes more dramatic. For me, this represents the chaos, and the stress of trying to stop the apocalypse. As the minutes of the song pass, as more and more people perish, the song only becomes louder and more dramatic. At around 6:40, the guitar and percussion are quieted, replaced with white noise. The chaos and the stress stops, as the world leaders are no more, and the end is inevitable. Only fear and despair remain. The song ends at 7:26, meaning 7.26 billion people would be gone. If this song was referring to the apocalypse happening today, or even when the song was released, there would still be hundreds of thousands of people left by the end of the song, and humanity could rebuild its self. The absolute latest this song could be referring to is late 2013, when the world population was 7.26 billion, and the fist ever no man’s trailer was released. So, according to my overly improbable theory, this song represents how no man’s sky could have been the equivalent of the apocalypse for Hello Games, how that first trailer could have been the beginning of the end.

Just wanted to say sorry for making everyone’s day depressing… I’m obviously suffering from ARG withdrawal, I’m seeing puzzles to be solved everywhere. Even though I definitely dug to deep, and this song has nothing to do with the hate HG received after releasing NMS, this song became even more fantastic now that it holds some symbolism.


That’s definitely an interesting way to look at it.


That is… quite a different way to look at that XD


Thats waht I love about instrumental music, open to so much interpretation and can bring every damn human that hears it on their own personal journey, story or adventure. Love your interpretation of it, theres such a sense of immediacy and chaos as the song builds you can’t help but picture something grand, cosmic and destructive.


This has to be one of the most beautiful interpretations of this song ever. I’ve often felt something similar from it, but never been able to really put it into words the way you just did. I love talking about the NMS soundtrack for this very reason. well done.


Thanks for the kind words, it really means a lot!