contains a quote that was in No Man's Sky pre-release trailers

#1 Followers of No Man’s Sky will recognize this quote instantly. We (the fans) didn’t need further confirmation, but hopefully this will help others realize that this is all about NMS.


Emily liked my post. I think I may be on to something. I am trying to find where the Carl Sagan quote was in the NMS press releases, but having trouble finding it. Can others help me look for it, and maybe look up other info on this quote? It may help with solving the encrypted quotes.


I liked your post because it’s an interesting connection! Please don’t read too far into my actions, I’m just trying to follow along. :smiley:


Ok, I found it, finally. Sean Murray showed it at his E3 press conference in 2015. You can see the quote appear up on the screen for the audience in this video: This quote became iconic to NMS fans after this and is instantly recognizable on the multiverse website.


Nice find!


Well, Carl Sagan is a very quotable man. He’s got billions and billions of them. :wink: I don’t think it proves a strong connection to NMS, even though I’m one that leans towards this connection being more certain than not. But thanks for pointing it out nonetheless!