Waking Titan Voices and No Man's Sky


Hello everyone - No Man’s Sky addict 100001 here. Jokes aside please listen to the following audio comparison.

We have found that the audio found from the No Man’s Sky tapes ARG, that sounds exactly like the woman in Waking Titan.

Please listen below, 12/16 and the woman’s voice sound exactly alike: https://clyp.it/vxzsukuf#

Get back to me with results,

  • Ryan


Have you identified who the woman in the tapes is and/or why she was reaching out?


This is an ongoing ARG for out game, the company (Hello Games) who sent out these tapes are hinting towards a possible update towards a mysterious object in-game called Portals.

Please look at the No Man’s Sky subreddit for more information. :smiley:


At this point all the community knows is that Hello Games created 16 cassette tapes and sent them out to moderators and leaders of the online community for NMS. Only seven have been logged. All the ones that have been received have been identical as far as we can tell, and have a spectograph on the back side, with 3 songs by the official band of the game.

The spectograph had a 12 character string which was ROT13 encrypted and then converted to ASCII to say “portal”.


Thank you!!!