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Freighter Inventory Duplication Trick. PS4
When you upgrade your freighter, your on-ship base ends up in the base inventory box at the entrance to your build area & this little trick concerns this box. It must have some stuff left in it from the previous freighter base or this won’t work. Once empty you can’t access this box.
This works great if you put a bunch of expensive things in your freighter’s cargo slots before you access the previous base inventory.

First. Go into your freighter slots inventory & move something about.
Next, go into the on-ship previous base inventory & attempt to transfer something.
Quite often instead of transfering something out, something from your freighter slots inventory will be duplicated & pop up in there.
It’s completely random.
Grab whatever was duplicated out & exit the inventory menu & then try the process again.
Eventually you’ll use up the contents & the fun ends.
Sometimes you can get a bunch of duplicate goodies in a row, other times nothing. It’s unreliable but still a fun little game to play while setting up your new freighter.


I guess it is worth trying! Sounds fun!


Does anybody know how to acquire these missing things.

What is the little Korvax silohette?
What are the 4 decals?
What’s the missing building component?

Where do you get the various exocraft upgrades?


I believe the decals unlock by signing guest book at bases and having x amount sign yours, though not sure if this unlocks all or if some are still unavailable. As for the rest, I’m just as clueless as you but I look forward to our possible Korvax butler/man slave, if it’s anything like the fun I had locking laras butler in the fridge in tomb raider II, I’ll be content.


The Base items are purchased from the vendor in your home base.


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You might try taking a glance at the first couple of responses by DevilinPixy in this thread: Post 1.38 Missing Blue Prints. These covered all of your missing blueprints.

The missing pulse splitter and boltcaster blueprints can eventually be found from blueprint traders. I had those until I had a bad windoze 10 update forcing me to restore from an image. Unfortunately did not have a backup of the save where I had gotten those and a couple of other final blueprints so am hitting a lot of Gek systems to hopefully find those again as well as the freighter warp blueprint. The boltcaster blueprints are found with Vy’keen blueprint traders. Have hit an additional 148 Gek systems so far with no luck. I recall that once I found one of the final missing blueprints the rest came along very quickly and I had nine missing blueprints to find not including the ones that are not available or the decals. Can get by without these but just want them for completeness.

Good Luck


Thanks @ChewyWeAreNotHome, I somehow missed those vital first few posts.
Nice work @DevilinPixy… as always :wink:
So there is more stuff yet to come, interesting.


Oh!! I didn’t notice the Korvax silhouette man!!
Is that some kinda pet?


I think every tomb raider player locked the butler in the fridge lol. It was par for the course lol.


Two questions for you all.

I seem to remember that in 1.2, you could harvest Night Crystals from somewhere - and that there was a use for them. As of 1.3, I only seem to be able to buy them, and their only use appears to be as trade goods. Is that right, or have I missed something?

It would be nice to be able to buy the farmable plant products. I’ve found lots of traders selling Star Bulb, but none of the others (e.g. Solanium, Mordite, etc.). Is that because Star Bulb is the only one being sold, or, again, am I missing something?



I’ve got a box of Night Crystals and no idea what they are for…?
Been playing the trade routes method lately, buying & selling trade goods & am thinking to clear more space.
Given I’ve got good standing with all races, I’m thinking I could probably clear these horded ‘green background’ items out pf my inventory indefinately:
Vykeen Effergy, Facination Bead, Gek Charm, Night Crystals, Convergence Cubes, Geknip,
I’m already stocked with portal openers so I get rid of extras as I find them.
Things like Dimensional Matrix & Vortex Cubes can be a bit tricky to find so hanging onto a box of them makes sence.
I’m yet to find a use for Living Slime, Rusted Metal, Residual Goop etc.
Am I on the right track or am I missing uses for any of those things???


Yeah, I have wondered why would I ever want to scrape the goop off a creepy eyeball looking interface, read a really scary bit of what happened to last person there, and then keep the goop? Or why pocket the rust off of a storage unit? I have not found a use for any of these things but I mostly focus on making liquid explosives.


@Polyphemus We were talking about it, remember? :grin:
I got the formula to do them myself! Let’s celebrate!

And I got this baby aswell!!


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Alright so where is a good place to find creative base portal glyphs?

Like the really impressive ones.

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@MacForADay has several videos about creative bases. Check out this thread for a few: Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan. I have no idea where he gets the addresses though :thinking:


@Xion4012’s answer likely yields lots of good results. Additionally you could check the following two topics below and see if you can find what you are looking for. The Portal Repository has a huge amount of locations listed and a good search feature, so make sure to check the link in that topic.


@Polyphemus, iirc, Nightcrystals were a component for special ammo/grenades. Agree with Solanium - should be tradeable. Regarding Mordite, since it can’t be found in the wild, it would require NPCs to kill animals - Altas/Sentinels could have a problem with that :wink:


I have purchased gravitino balls from ship captains in the last couple of weeks. Ten needed for a ship/freighter upgrade iiirc. I have a few Night Crystals in storage, but have found no use for them yet.


I need some help with connecting the the portal glyphs with representative numbers.

Some interlopers say bird,bird, ship, sun, etc when they can’t show a screenshot of the Glyph Sequence for a particular planet.

Others use Hex codes, finding it more convenient for the way they think.

I notice that in some of Xaine’s videos he uses numerical representations, 1 through 16.

Does anyone know if the 1 he uses is the first glyph in the layout? (the sun on water symbol iirc), and 2 is the bird, etc.? Cause Hex is too much for my pea-brain to figure out when I’m trying to input an unfamiliar portal address.

For instance, I believe this is Hex for a planet’s portal (or its location on the Galaxy Map (Euclid/normal/PC): 044C:0083:0D55:00BA
What numbers would represent that address numerically, 1-16?

On one of xaine’s videos

Xaine's You Tube Video

he states that we can find the S-class ship I’m looking for at this address (Euclid/normal/PC): 2-1-12-11-1-5-6-6-7-13-5-14
Does that translate numerically to like Bird, Sun on Water, etc?

As you can probably tell I’m fairly muddle-headed about this. If it were me, I would number them 1-8 on the top row of the input window, and 9-16 for the bottom row. Is that what he means, you think?



The numerical are probably Hex but with decimal at the end instead of A B C etc…

The easiest for you is to chek this wiki page

just change A, B, C … by 10, 11, 12…

He used a 16 in an adress so for him it’s 1 to 16 and not 0 to 15 so think to take the number -1 :wink: