Game Freezing at random intervals since 1.55

Before 1.55 I would experience the odd crash here and there, with PS4 bug reporting screen popping up to register the issue and give details with a video.

Since 1.55 I am suffering random freezes with no crash and ambient sounds looping indefinitely, requires closing the application in order to recover.

I cannot pin point a cause as it happens when I’m doing lots and also when I’m doing nothing, sometimes it hangs immediately after boot up.

For example just now I loaded my save and it froze immediately.

Anyone suffering similar issues on PC or Console feel free to chime in and don’t forget to report to zendesk as these freezes are not creating crash dumps on PC or bug reports on PS4, so any info we can give HG will be of great help.


I have been experiencing occasional freezes - but on my system, it clears after a couple of seconds, then carries on as normal. For me, (PC, 16 Gb memory), it’s not a crash condition. It feels like a read/write memory thing. Possibly because I have far more than the minimum memory required, my system recovers.

I can imagine that for people who only have the minimum memory, and if that is full, if the game then tries to page extra memory, that would lead to problems.

I have absolutely no technical evidence for this hypothesis - that’s just what it feels like, from experience of similar problems with other software.


I’ve noticed it seems worse when you have more players in the session. It freezes for a few seconds, but if other players are on then those short freezes are far more frequent and proper freezes requiring a game restart are more likely too.


This sounds about right, before 1.55 I would get the occasional freeze on console but after say 30 seconds, it would recover from the freeze and they were very rare too, think it froze and recovered twice in the last few weeks.

This is quite common place now and never recovers, they did push the last experimental out to 1.55 quite quickly, very rare for the console to get patched exact same time as PC. I’d say you’re right and it’s a read/write memory issue caused by whatever recent fixes they made, should be a simple fix by next console patch or the ones to follow.

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I’ve had this happen once to me on PC, although I had been alt-tabbing in and out so that may have caused it. Actually had to hard-reboot. Two other times I experienced what @Polyphemus reports, a temporary freeze that ultimately recovers (5-10 seconds, though I have half the RAM).

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I have 12Gb RAM. I have had only minor issues with tiny little freezes but it is mostly around my base or when first entering a new system. Nothing major. Has never disrupted game play.

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Bear in mind that there are people with older laptops who are successfully running NMS (albeit with everything reduced to the minimum) in 4 Gb of memory.

It may not run well, but it will run.

Hmm…make sure you submit auto reports for every crash…that way if there’s a pattern or specific cause then hopefully HG can fix it. The game has been smoother for me since 1.55…I’ve only had one crash(PS4).


My freezes appear to be related to losing connection with the video card (PC). Done some extensive research in my Event Viewer and all seems to point at graphics overflow, causing a disconnect. Debug shows the same, although I had to temporarily OC my GPU to make that option available. I have set a TdrDelay of 10 seconds in registry, lowered graphical details to an absolute minimum, but it still happens occasionally. I have 32GB of memory, which makes it unlikely to be the issue for me. No indication of a memory leak. I have never had it recover either. No longer is it just the ‘large’ base, it now just randomly happens at times.


Do you own a AMD rx series card ? reason i ask is i had the same problem after the last patch.NMS for me is ussually stable with the odd crash once a week.after the last patch i could not play for more than 10 min before i got a black screen or “snow” on my screen,heres what i did to 100% fix it ! go into your AMD overclocking section and under clock your card ( i dropped mine 100mhz from 1350 to 1250) leave voltages on auto,leave the ram as is,then put your max temp on 55deg,and fan on 100% (the card will try stay at 55deg).i did this and have not had 1 crash since.any way i hope this helps you.(not sure if this would help if u own a NVIDIA gpu though) but worth a shot.

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Yeah I’ve had it freeze once for me where I had to restart, but last night was in multiplayer with one other and graphics were very laggy like the frame rate had dropped, it felt like I was in an ardman movie, also some other graphical issues like my friends ship was landed on a pad only there was no pad, similar thing happened with a door.

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