Game Crashing

Been having issues for a while but since Fractal, it is worse.
For some reason though, it did not get worse until after I finished the expedition.
However, even prior to that, when stopping NMS, my PC remains overloaded for several minutes after shutting the game down.
Waiting on my new RAM for my new PC but I don’t think that is really the issue. I have seen a number of people on Twitter say the game crashes on them and that seems to be across multiple platforms.


I have noticed that games in mutliplayer were crashing frequently since the update. (PS4 and PS5)

It seems to happen mostly when coming in on a storming planet.


I have mentioned before about the game reported to be crashing on Steam Deck. It turns out that wearing a cape is a cause for crashes, pretty consistently. This does not appear to affect other platforms though.

Do make sure to report to Hello Games.

As a workaround on Steam Deck, you could use PC with the save to remove the cape, or use a Save Editor.


Not sure it actually fixes the cape crash on Steam Deck though, could be something else.


I was in MP and gathering Storm Crystal but I was also wearing a cape…I had also just placed out a pet…oh and a giant sandworm was just coming up from the depths… :eyes:
But seriously, the whole game is having a hard time loading in and settling down these days.
This is also on my Next save which has old base parts galore in it and I am near my build limit…

Experimenting. As soon as I loaded in, I went to the appearance modifier and replaced my cape with the streamlined jetpack. The game immediately smoothed out. Will continue testing.

So everything was going well. I was off to help the Stranded Pilot. I called my pet sandworm, Doomina to help me in the search for the salvaged part. We found it. We decrypted it. We delivered it to the pilot. Then, he warped into his ship with the new warp that was intoduced with Fractal. He was gone but his aura remained. I pulled out my camera to capture the moment. That’s when things went wrong. The game froze. The music started and stopped and started and stopped. Eventually the game tried to continue on but at a dismal 6 FPS.
So I took a pic with my phone.

And once I was finally able to exit the game and try to shut Steam down, there was a Steam client update…I am going to bed now.

Started my Stean Deck game and upon loading, got this

Had to force a restart.


Ummm, wel, this may be worse than feared. Some people believe NMS has a bad memory leak and it has been killing my hardware. I can comfirm that since the game started doing this freezing up thing (accompanied by a terrible sound that comes thru my speakers) my PC has run worse and worse. After playing NMS, my PC takes at least 5 minutes to recover. I am unable to do anything until it does. It is only NMS that gives me this trouble.
I am afraid to play it right now.


Oh wow yikes, that does sound bad and I can imagine being scared to try. Here’s to hoping HG will fix up those bad ones soon enough.