Future Update Speculations

Now that we have settled into Frontiers, and we know HG has more planned, it is time to share the rumors and whispers. Just keep in mind these are speculations, not data-mined or confirmed in any way. If possible, keep these speculations to educated guesses. However, wild and unrestrained speculation is allowed for those who just can’t help themselves. :grin:

Previous Anniversary Update speculation can be found below:


I will start with something builders are talking about. If you noticed in the new build menu, all of the old building parts (Wood, Concrete, Metal) are clumped together under one tab. Not seperate like the new building parts. This has some speculating that these pieces will either go away in a future update or will be radically changed. The belief being that the only reason they are still there is so our pre-Frontiers bases can still show. This then leads to the idea that another reset may be on its way. Some see that as inevitable.


My ancient pre-NEXT Legacy base has parts from the early generation build menu so I don’t think the game deletes these parts completely. I agree that some components might get deleted though, as has happened in the past.

In the spirit of this topic I’ll now add my own speculation for NMS in the future:
I think that ship customisation (including new ships) is on the list for future upgrades.
It has long been requested by the masses.
The previous Expedition came with new Explorer ship designs & I think it stands to reason that all the other ships are earmarked for upgrades. Also we have, over time, recieved new Royal (orb) & living ships.
In the same way we can now ‘breed’ speciality pets from previously acquired species, I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar idea was implemented to ‘collect’ parts blueprints & later retrofit our ships with new components, colour-altered to our choice.


Regarding ship building, i see that very likely to come but i am suprised it has not happened yet. All ships had a redesign years ago now. Then Fighters had an upgrade in appearance, then about 1-2 years later, explorer ships had an upgrade. But what is more of a tell, is the ship scraping UI. It has an exact model of your ship,(besides color) taken apart into its individual pieces. Then there are customisations for all exocrafts and the datamined customisation UI for ships that was found years ago but nothing came of it(could be that it was for exocraft customisation that did eventually release)

Ship cutomisation would be great, but i’d love larger ships that seat multiple people or an option for piloting a larger ship(about 2-3 times larger) with at least a small walkable interior that can be customised with a couch and house a single small pet.