Furniture not always destroyed when deleted

Not sure where to post this. But anyway I had never noticed this before. Maybe this is quite common as I hadn’t done much base building for a while. Only on my freighter.


When base building, deleting and rebuilding stuff, usually the item is broken into into its basic resources? So I thought. I was surprised to see a whole sofa, with its icon, in my pocket!!!

Is this a default result?, a bug? or simply I had no room to scatter the resources? Well at least the sofa is comfy to sit on and boy did I need to sit down after starting a new base.


Given it has a picture icon I doubt it is a bug.
I think it is a new inventory item, much like the portable refiners that came out with next.
Haven’t seen this myself.


We have super-freighters and countless frigates at our disposal, and yet we still have to move our own furniture. :man_facepalming:


In combat, you sometimes don’t have time to build a sofa. So it’s handy to have an emergency version ready-made in your inventory.

Under attack by ravenous creatures? Overwhelmed by space pirates? No worries. Pull out sofa, hide behind it.