Frontiers (Updates and Patches)

A new trailer bgm. Nice.


With all the stuff they released this year, the switch port, and this, I doubt there will be a very large summer update. There will be something cool, sure, this is HG after all, but I would be very surprised if it was a big gamechanger.


NMS website has been down for quite a while…

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I’m the total opposite. VR2 has been in the works for ages, same with Switch…those are both about refining and optimization more than anything. 4.0 should have happened last year, and instead we got a lot of smaller updates stretching out to 4.0…my personal hopes / belief is that 4.0 will be same size and scope and 2.0 / 3.0.


I think you’re severly underestimating the work that goes into the release for a new platform… But we’ll see.


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Not underestimating work at all. There is a lot of pipeline to be laid. Frankly I think making a switch version is a waste of time and resources (opinion) they had 2 people working on it. They announced it when they knew it could be done, which meant the bulk of the problems, work was done. Maybe I am wrong, that’s okay. But personally I am expecting good things.


I’d guess it’s going to be their major revenue stream for next year…


I agree. Not a lot making me use my Switch right now.


maybe… if they can get the performance good enough without compromise sure. I personally don’t want to hear all the Nintendo peeps crying how bad it is for the next few years. And they end up diverting even more resources on old consoles to keep them working. It might be a massive jump in revenue. But if I was making a choice I would rather a $30 DLC…first of its kind for No Man Sky…than that.


I still expect a scaled down NMS. I am very interested in seeing what it is like.
It is FINALLY listed in the store

Betting we will soon see NMS in this list


It does take a lot to port a game over from console to console from what I hear. Does seem like a big waste of resources if there isnt good money to be had.

There’s only one reason why I find a switch port being “good” and that is because it is proof that the game has been optimized so much that it can be ran on something like a switch, so it would run better on the more powerful consoles/PC. But that could also be a bad thing too because future content updates might be held back due to having to support the switch. So they may opt out of making spectacular special effects, several more A.I. on screen at once, large cities, more advanced planet generation, etc.

But maybe… just mayyybe… if a galaxy reset happens on galaxy 2, and switch players get locked into Euclid, that could work? :thinking:

It would still be crossplay if we return to euclid and we can play with switch players.

Also, galaxy 2 could be more cpu/gpu intensive. It would kinda even fit with the lore too.


Update 3.92 is out now with some bugfixes:
• Fixed an issue which incorrectly caused players to take damage while on planet.

• Fixed an issue that allowed players to kill their own companions.

• Fixed an issue that caused some newly collected items to create a new stack rather than add to existing stacks within the player’s inventory.

• Fixed an issue that could cause items to be added to the wrong inventory.

• Fixed a number of issues with the Fleet Command tutorial mission during an expedition that begins with a freighter.

•Fixed an issue that could cause some players to not know the correct frigate fuel recipes.

• Fixed a GPU crash on PlayStation 4.

• Fixed a creature-related crash that could occur when quitting to the main menu.


@ThatBomberBoi :I have edited your above post to include two missing bug fixes


These fixes are included in patch 3.93, which will be live on all platforms soon.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause custom discovery names to be reset on load.
  • Fixed a number of issues that could allow players to take damage in protected locations.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue that could cause players to incorrectly take damage that ought have been applied to a different player.

Griefers be griefing, hoping this one is truly taken care of, so we can move on now … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nintendo Switch release October 7, 2022
Physical PS5 release same day