Falcon heaaaavy!


Who’s watching today?


Might check it out!


I’m going to try and watch. Work has a bad habit of getting in the way.

For those interested. SpaceX


I think I missed it :slightly_frowning_face:


OMG!!! The simultaneous landing of the 2 side boosters was the most awesome thing ever! :sparkler:


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Too Cool!


Go Go little Starman!


More info on the orbit it will assume. This is awesome stuff. It would make a supply line from Earth to Mars much more realistic. Keeping fingers crossed on a successful orbital insertion. What a day!



It has a smoother landing than most of the NMS ships :joy:



Ha ha! Can’t do screenshots on my phone so well.

Ok, I fixed it.


I am not seeing your pic

Still says image not found


Did any one else realize the “DON’T PANIC” on the tesla?


Watched the live stream… it was breathtaking


Yes. So appropriate. There is also a Hot Wheels Tesla with a little Starman on the dash.



Do you know this is a copy cat of the movie Heavy Metal!!!


Elon Musk - Falcon Heavy Launch Recap


Well, it seems their rocket was more powerful than they expected (yeah, that sounds like a good excuse, let’s go with that, lol) and the Tesla and Starman will now head to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Somehow, I don’t think they will fare well in an asteroid belt. :thinking: