Time to speculate. Space showers?



It reminds me…


hey it kinda does


It’s a 1hr photo lab.
You take your memory card (see sign on wall) and then upload your photos & go through the list selecting pics & editing.
Then you come back an hour later to pick up your glossy prints :rofl:


It’s a futuristic “What the Bulter saw”. :grin:


I don’t get the reference. But my research suggests voyeurism. That’s a laughably big camera if that’s the case.


it’s the button to end the simulation don’t touch it

Aslo me :laughing:


I’m calling it NOW: It’s a terminal that will be used once the weekly multiplayer missions become active, and will be a way to coordinate the new galaxy website in-game without having to exit the game and switch to a browser.

If I’m right you guys owe me a beer. Each.


Isn’t that a lab light or something? I have one in my base because it looks cool but that’s about all it does. It doesn’t even give off light.
Maybe it will have some use in a later patch?


That would be a lot of beers…
Plus, you know, I’m 15, so that might not work out…


I realise that it doesn’t appear in all stations. But the top right icon sticker thing is always there. Procedurally generated decoration piece?


that’s ok I accept rain cheques :laughing:




Hahaha that’s hilarious :smile:


Shower thoughts?

Edited to actually show the images, which appeared fine in the preview and result initially, but no longer showed for some reason. Apparently you can’t have ‘Hide Details’ containing multiple ‘Blur Spoilers’.