Ms. Noodles Magic Carpet Ride

Hey folks, been a while, another check in after months of what havery. How did you all fare during the pandemic? Playing NMS primarily on PC these days as my ps4 died in 2020. Now, on to business.

I got access to DALL•E, the ai image generator and I gave it the prompt of a Hamster flying on a magic carpet.

Those who know, know :wink:

I miss those heady ARG days and all the friends I made here so I wanted to share a little AI trip down memory lane. Also if anyone has any image prompts or requests I’d be happy to pop them in to DALL•E for you and post the results as a reply :wink:


An ATV with wheels on the roof so it can keep driving upside down!
A birthday party in an 8-bit adventure game!
A photo of a tree in the middle of a kitchen that grows all kinds of fruit and vegetables!
A cozy vacation log hut for rent on an asteroid above Earth!
The stunning philharmonic hall that they built on top of the flooded subway station at the river!
An orange and a grey astronaut play couch co-op games on a planet in No Man’s Sky!
(Pick one you like) :wink:


Hello! @toddumptious So good to hear from you. I am alive, what else can I say? (had covid twice :tired_face: but was mild both times.) And still playing NMS.
I would like a Frank Lloyd Wright home, Fallingwater would be nice, atop a tall mountain on a paradise planet in NMS with glowing mushrooms and no bad storms. Of course, this means the planet will need to have a flowing river and a waterfall. If HG is not going to make it happen, maybe you can. :wink:


Nice to hear from you, @toddumptious. It’s been a long time.

How are you? How’s life in general? Did you ever get your power supply fixed? What is the square root of minus one?

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Nice to see Ms. Noodles again (r.i.p).

It looks like you used the same prompt for each of the different “styles”. Is that correct?

I tried one out for myself, using the oil painting style, of which the default said “oil painting by James Gurney”. Of course it was a lovely image, but I would rather do the brush-wielding and problem-solving myself. Getting into the creative zone. That’s the deep fun of painting (for me).

It saved the resulting image as a *.webp rather than *.jpg or *.png. Anyone know an app or whatever that views those? Just in case, I also took a screenshot saved as a ping file.


I just manually change the file type from .webp to .png or .jpg, as if I was renaming the file, and it always works fine for me.


I’ll try that again next time then. Didn’t work for me last time I tried that. Thanks!


Most browsers, apps, and programs support webp, but you can find more info here:


That was very helpful. thank you!

I use Irfanview to view my photo references for paintings, so that’s cool. I would be nice if Windows would be able to show the image when I click on the webP icon, too. But I can convert it properly with Irfanview. I normally only use my own photos as reference material, but sometimes people will send me images to support a commissioned piece, so having a workaround for this is helpful. Thanks again. <3 :heart:

I still have 4 credits to use on the Night Cafe site that uses the DALL-E machine learning thingy, so when I get a minute (or half hour) set aside I will try some more experimenting. Especially the “evolve” feature.