Expedition 4 Emergence 5 weeks

You don’t have to use the teleporter; you just need to land on the space station and it will be recorded in your portal to return to.


This is generally true. However, in my experience, it doesn’t always work. If you want to be certain the address has been recorded, You need to use the teleporter. That always works.


That’s actually quite cool: The programmers not only set the features of NMS up so that it would generate the game, they also added a way how their non-programmer colleagues could arrange the finished parts into expeditions. :slight_smile:

A lot of events are obviously tied to simple triggers, such as scanning on a planet (target sweep mode), or using the pulse engine in space, using an anomaly detector or drop pod coordinates, or approaching one of those worm nests. And this article sounds like the designers can reuse all existing features and behaviours and recombine them and choose what happens then and spawn enemies there, and when certain conditions are fullfilled it triggers a stage or achievement, and so on.

(Some games also offer editors for players, so they can create a map in creative mode and define winning/losing conditions and use sensors to trigger events, and so on.)


Ah, yes, that sounds a lot like my job. Except I’m on AWS…


I found a bug, but it’s too late to report it… I wanted to install this “Archive Override Implant” item in my inventory, but I had only 2 of 3 hadal cores, so it actually is not installed, but I forgot about fixing it. And the next time I went to an archive building, it accepted it nonetheless!


Hmmm…well if only I had known. :joy: I almost drowned trying to get enough hadal cores.
I was going to add @DevilinPixy 's countdown timer to the top post but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe she would do that for me. :hugs:


I’ve been trying pretty hard to be a writer / artist dude the past two weeks - or three? I guess I’d better set some time aside for this after Halloween, or I’ll have to watch a walkthrough video. If I do, hopefully a good one without idiotic running commentary which is trying too hard to be clever. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well, Ratchet & Clank soundtrack tunes are putting me in the creative mood, and I think I’m finally ready to do my final marking on a painting, and then with any luck… painting will FINALLY commence! Grah!

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I added the countdown in a reply here, but will edit the top post to include the link


I’ve completed the Expedition, but I’ve stayed in the game for a while. It’s nice to start again from nothing. Visiting buried technology modules to build up my salvaged data, there seems to be a problem. Although some of the salvaged data I have collected appears in my inventory, most, it seems, does not.

As an example, I checked my inventory of salvaged data - I had 160. I visited and opened 10 buried modules. Each said it was giving me between 2 and 4 salvaged data. So my inventory should have increased to somewhere between 180 and 200. When I checked, it was actually 172.

This has continued. I’m gathering far less salvaged data than the game says.

Is this a known problem? Is it only happening in Expeditions?


Correct count 3/3 times in Normal mode


Correct 4/4 in permadeath


I have noticed the same glitch with navigation data during this expedition. Though it might have been because some of them can give you nanites instead of nav data, and I didn’t always read the on-screen prompt too closely.


All Expeditions are to repeat starting Nov. 24.


Great :slightly_smiling_face: i did not get a handle on expd 1 and 2, and was bummed not to complete them