Examining the camp layouts

and door layouts in particular…
this is for @Xion4012 and @Kadayi and anyone else interested.

I did an overlay animation of some camps to demonstrate the doors that are facing the outside (you can identify the door due to the little ramp).

My guess is it wouldn’t take more code/processing power to place the buildings with facing doors. What I don’t know of course is, wheater this would conflict with some attachments of the buildings etc.


Well, I can’t argue with that. It doesn’t show the door orientation of larger structures, but the smaller buildings seem to be set up to always point away from each other. In which case, no, it wouldn’t take more processing power to point them in.

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I have pictures of larger camps, too but I wanted to get this out quick for the door discussion.
The pics were taken without the doors in mind so I’m not even sure I can see them on my pics.

I can’t comment on the direction of them either because the only thing about door placement I remember of the larger buildings is, that I sometimes run around a building at least 2 times until I find it…

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This issue could be solved with a mod, for anyone bothered… HG could solve it without much effort, and yeah… no extra-processing really needed there.
I happen to like them the way they are… They (npc’s) like to hoard crap at their entrances, and it’s not like they are keen on socializing, outside of space-station cantinas, anyways… They are clearly introverts!
More seriously, opposing doors give the visitor more of an exploration-site feeling than if you could run straight to the doors, in a reduced setup like those… It makes them subjectively larger than they really are.
What is sure not an issue worth being an ass about. :metal:


During the week I’ll get some extensive shots of camps from overhead and highlight the arrangement issues. Not saying they need to be tightly knit all the time, but there’s plenty of scope for more sensible arrangements versus the present approach.


The amount of times I’ve run circles looking for the door, this would be a welcome change. At the very least, put the landing marker on the same side as the door! There’s no need to park my space boat behind the building haha

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Smaller buildings do point inward in some cases.

And can be arranged other ways.

So perhaps it is random? Or more so than expected. When I find them parallel, like the second image, the buildings seem to always face the same way.


I didn’t want to imply it’s the only layout!
There are multiple layouts. I just wanted to show the buildings itself aren’t placed randomly.

I just need more pictures and time for the other layouts :D.

What I’m not sure of know is if maybe the face in and out equally often, we just remember the outfacing more because it’s bothering? More research needed!

Actually you don’t want the dust of a starting spaceship in your building if the door opens at the wrong time.

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