[ETARC HUB]: Finding a Capital- Poll Closed

I applaud your enthusiasm @Sir_oops. I too am anxious to move us closer to taking another vote on a capitol system/planet.

However, I’ve been combing through the star chain just now (via the galactic map) … has anyone noticed that almost every system has been named and/or uploaded? I’ve even found some of the systems I discovered (but carefully did not upload or rename) which have been named and uploaded by other players! I challenge anyone here at the ETARC star chain to point out ANY system not renamed and/or uploaded which could be a capitol prospect … anyone?


My imho in the order of importance - on the chain, lush, very close to portal (<5 min on foot), wealthy, low conflict, no predators (or at least no severely dangerous ones), good ships/multitools/blueprints…

Went stockpiling warp cells to arrive to the location on PC and help with specific candidates.


Are they at least tag properly?

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Take a look and see. Let me know what you find?

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I haven’t visited every star to verify, but a fair amount of the central and upper chain still have their procgen names. Unless someone has uploaded them like that…

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I took look at afew star chain planets. This system I thought is a candidate.

The Blue star with, the blue planets is stunning on entry.

The planet I was thinking of is Ufferdwarz Onyang. The planet is A High radio source planet which I thought was fitting. The planet is the color of the forum. Has a lake front portal and a lake front base 24min walk away. Cons: Hostile Sentinels, a small ocean feed canal between base, portal, and EXTREME, 10.9 RAD and its a ocean world.

more Pictures

This is the other planet in the first pic, look cool too

I still need to look more.


Othrys XVI is a fantastic system. However, the star has already been named/uploaded (without ECSD tag). That’s not an automatic deal-breaker imo, but is something to keep in mind. I believe all 6 planets are still unnamed.


Kind of fittingly named since ETARC came after Waking Titan:
"In Greek mythology Mount Othrys was the base of Kronos and the other Titans during the ten-year war with the Olympian Gods known as the Titanomachy. It was also the birthplace of the elder gods, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. It was assaulted by the Olympians, led by Kronos’ son Zeus. Zeus later overthrew his father and gained dominion in all of the heavens and the earth."
Courtesy of Wikipedia


I went portaling to planets in the mentioned system, in order to set destination and start black holing/warping.
I happened to chose 4th planet as my destination:

Upon entry I was stunned.

Those guys were flying literally in front of me in the purple skies!
There was a feeling like I can come closer and touch them.
And as sun rose, they flew away.
There were like five or seven of them.


Thanks. I thought it was clever :wink:

I’ve explored this system. Wichukchiinic is a good choice. Did you happen to take note of the weather? There wasn’t a single storm the whole time I was there :+1:


There was birds/dragon on two other planets including the first planet I mentioned. They had a feathered heart pattern on their backs.

I made a stop Wichukchiinic, too . I made a Quick video for each planet in the system. Here’s that one.

There are scanner readings at the end of video.

Update: picture of bird with heart if you stand on your head.

birds from same system different planet, don't remember which.

No Man's Sky_20180108215041No Man's Sky_20180108215141
This shadow was move, just flickering a little.


I did not notice storms either.
I have started blackholing and will take a closer look upon arrival.

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I love this tie-in to the ETARC community (Radio Enthusiasts) roots!!
And those birds look amazing. Great find.


How about instead of voting on a capitol, we elect a leader to choose the capitol?


I think this hub has taken a long time to get started because of not having a leader (even a democratically voted and rotating one).


When discovering a location does the ‘time’ it gets discovered influence the final naming privilege or is it simply the first person to upload.
My reason for asking is on my wife’s offline game; I visited her planet from my game and uploaded the planet, yet once her game was online she gained the discovery and I lost it.
Doesn’t that indicate the timestamp is the deciding factor. If thats the case, one of the ETARC HUB pioneers probably holds the keys to the capital in their non-uploaded discoveries list…

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If I had to guess, the effect you noticed was a result of her “offline” status. It sounds like her prior time stamp trumped your later stamp. But the event occurred when she came back online.

It may be possible to use that affect in the Hub. Again, just guessing, once you go “online” the game automatically updates discovery data. The problem as I see it: This would require someone to have been there first, offline, and still be offline now.

Did she name the discovery before or after she went back online?


I’m tempted tp experiment once I can access my game in a few days time, but I’ll need to be carefull as I don’t want to claim/upload a planet that could be our capital.
By rights any unclaimed/non-uploaded systems should still be in my discoveries list iconed by a hollow indicator.
Are we still going with ETARCIA/EDISON as our system/planet name? I can’t remember what we chose…

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Here are the naming convention poll results.


OK. So I’m home from holidays and I’ve powered up NMS (PS4) & it looks as if I hold ‘first finder’ to the 2 systems listed below:

Itokin Xoka (directly below PENTHOUSE ECSD)
Akyotar (3 systems below PENTHOUSE ECSD)

Are we interested in trying to see if one of these would suit becoming the system of ETARCIA PRIME ECSD for our capital planet of EDISON ECSD?

By using @Xion4012’s listing (link below) are there any potential candidates I should go back to & re-evaluate?
Obviously I could be wrong but it’s worth a shot. As you can see below, they appear in my discoveries list as not uploaded but as yet unclaimed…

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