[ETARC HUB]: Finding a Capital- Poll Closed

I would think you would be more then welcome , Mac. I would like to thank you and the guild for the Hub Exploration Assistance. I believe the whole Hub would be honored.


This post might come into relevance now


I would vote for a base to purely wow visitors; there are already plenty farms out there, so something more unique would be better. Creating it across game modes is definitely possible, provided the builder is able to build it on the same planet in every game mode.


I was thinking more of drawing up blueprints on Excel and sharing them with the people who would go out and build the base on their assigned gamemode/format.

Here’s the blueprints I created for my original frozen base


I could help with that. I would be willing to build it in normal mode or creative mode. Survival mode is the only one I have a base I don’t want to give up. And by the way, you won’t need to have anyone build it in permadeath mode since the survival mode base will be visible to permadeath players.


So it seems the only qualification so far is that we’re looking for a Korvax system. I took a look, and most of the systems have either poor economies or hostile pirates. Since we seem to agree that it should not be a farm, economy doesn’t matter too much. Is low hostility going to be important when most people will arrive by portal? If not, that would open up a lot more options.

As of now, the systems Liinak and Adomag-Feue look like potential candidates.

@MacForADay does the “invisible base” effect not occur across game modes? If I have a base on survival, and someone on normal claims one nearby, my base is still visible to survival players?


Is there any Candidates in the center of the star chain?


There is actually. Both Lefirdi-Ikoma and Nidarin-Magar fit the current criteria, and are located near the center of the string.


What a few pirates never stopped anyone!!!

on ward to war!!!



A Spacing Guild member recently experimented with this by building the exact same base in all 3 game modes. It worked, and I was able to visit the base in both normal and survival mode. I couldn’t see it in creative mode for some reason, but other players could, so I don’t know what happened there.


Took a closer look at these with capitol in mind … this is my first choice:

This planet is closest to the station … nice open spaces …

This planet is not as close to the station, but has some real pros …

No Man's Sky_20171123142021

Either of these could be a great capitol. :grinning:


Nidarin-Magar system is my second choice for a capitol planet …

Nice desert with cacti … sort of busy with creatures (13)! :astonished:


Excellent choices. I’m a fan of desert planets myself. I encourage everyone to get at least one post in here with what you want to see in the capital planet, even if its just one or two things. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed with the final choice.

Here is a quick review/revision of the best candidate list:

Lefirdi-Ikoma and Nadirin-Magar have good numbers, and are close to the center.

Liinak and Adomag-Feue are further out, but also good options.

If hostile pirates are not an issue, Imodaw-Uun might be a good choice as well.


@tajay 's suggestion of Hoanagii Brovsk looks good to me.

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My vote was going to go to Kedatoriu due to the twin extreme planets (hot and cold), which I think is somewhat unique, but it’s Gek controlled and it’s conflict level is critical. Nadirin-Magar would be my vote out of the ones already being considered.

Also forgive my misspelling on some of my survey submits. I didn’t realize it until now.


My vote is for an exotic computer chip planet in honor of our machine Overlady Emily!


As a reminder to all people within the star chain:

Please do not upload any discoveries until we have found a capital

A total of 7 systems have been uploaded since I finished the star list. Sadly, one of the potential capital locations (Adomag-Feue) has been claimed.

I will get the list updated soon, but I will need some time to look up all the new planet names (if any).

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The Spacing Guild is at fault for the systems being named. It was brought to light and stopped several weeks ago and won’t happen again. I appologise on behalf of my community.


No apology necessary. Only a few of the uploads were done by the spacing guild. Most of them were done by, what I assume is, excited ETARC members. We still have over 20 systems to choose from, I think we will do alright.

Has anyone else had a chance to check out Lefirdi-Ikoma and Nadirin-Magar?


I just found a portal at Lefridi-Ikoma. There’s a base that 2 hours away if you take a nomad. Is that set in stone? Or is it possible to find a different base location? I’ve never tried myself.