Emily Poll Results

I have compiled the two different polls I ran on the Nature of Emily a little while back (here and here). Before Phase 3 started, there was some concern as to whether Emily was from our timeline or not, and whether she was human or not.

My thinking was to employ a wisdom-of-the-masses approach to solve this puzzle, and to conclude what/who Emily actually is. You know, collective approach, working together, kumbaya.
The link shows how Marcus du Satoy makes random people guess collectively on how many jelly beans there are in a jar. Even though no-one knew the correct answer, collectively 160 people came to within 0.1% of the correct answer. Our little poll had far fewer voters, and people might have influenced each other during the voting, so it’s technically not the same, but whatever…

Today, 7th of August, we already know that Emily is Loop16 and that she is from our timeline, which makes it interesting to look back on what we thought just a little while back.

So, there were 56 unique votes in total, and here are the results of the votes:


Our collective answer: Emily is an AI (70%)


Our collective answer: Emily is probably from the present (slight majority, 46%) but she might also be from the future (41%).

As a concluding comment to these data; it should be noted that the questions were all divided up into six different categories, thus a vote for human+present would give a contribution to the “human” field in the first chart, while “present” in the second. This allows for the “half right” answer, corresponding to the intuitive understanding that she indeed is from the present, even though she isn’t human.


Maybe in the present AND the future in the same time… We will not stop because of another paradox :smiley:

LOL paradoxes fall under the “business as usual” tab over at the Etarc offices :laughing:

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