Element 5 unlocked



Anyone else think that sounds like Elizabeth?


Architect on Discord posted this


Here is a link. https://i.imgur.com/4HhMSH9.jpg


I think it sounds like the narrator lady in the reveal trailers for the major updates we’ve had?



Does this sound like co-op missions?


Yeah I can definitely hear that. Even sounds like bits and pieces of new features and things to do…


I’d guess this is a do-over of the suit voice. With lots of new stuff to do. Anybody volunteering to attempt a transscription? :slight_smile:

Something like “Solar flares cause frequent resurections” near the beginning, but unless they plan on building in a zombie mode I think I’m hearing that wrong… :smile:

The more I’m listening to it the more I think it’s just a fake ships log intended to give hints on all the new stuff we can do.

“Assisted quarterbacks with industrial mission”? NMS Rugby league confirmed!


Can anyone understand that gibberish?


My translation…

_.solar flare cause frequent gas eruptions……….crew completes their work with minimal loss of life………collected minerals highly valuable…assisted Korvax with industrial mission…salvage crew performed clean up operation overnight/infested battlefields…???were contained, nanites were contained, harvested valuable scrap…….found large mineral deposit during planetary survey…collected significant valuable ore field mineral analysis procedure failed to not animated? radioactivity…contaminated materials loose in the hold…thrust? components burned…returned home to the fleet…assumed formation on capital ship….erupt???

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I can understand some of it. I’d work on a transcript if I wasn’t afraid someone else will post one any second now…
EDIT: Yup Mad-Hatter has already posted just about all I could make out.

It could be a new exosuit voice, but idk, it doesn’t sound robotic enough to fit the feel of the game…



Gotta be Natalie, right?


I think it’s Hirk.


Nanite infested battlegounds?


Right? Is that a hint at PVP?


Maybe if you ‘go down’ you leave behind Nanites? :laughing:


Ok, going to give the beginning of a transcription a shot. The amount of question marks shall indicate of how certain I am to be wrong :smile:

  • Starboard???
  • kzzzt
  • Solar glare caused frequent… resurections???
  • Core completed inwork??? with minimal loss of life
  • Collected minerals, highly valuable
  • Assisted quarterbacks??? with industrial mission
  • Salvage crew confirmed crater preparation??? on that night-infested?? kzzzzt*
  • Nanite something something???
  • Harvested? a valuable scrap
  • Found large mineral deposit during planetary survey
  • Collecting significant volume of ore
  • Full mineral analysis procedure failed to note kzzzzt activity
  • kzzzt material loose in the hold
  • kzzzt components burned
  • Retreat home to the fleet
  • Assumed formation with capital ship
  • something something kzzzzzt


more stuff happening


Natalie is Cobra’s Discord manager. She got a text from Emily to tell Cobra to check his PM. There he found a link to Simon’s chat room. They talked for a few minutes, but nothing really came from it. Simon did say he would be talking to other CSDs.


Instead of Core I think it should be ‘Crew completed their work…’
At the end you can add says ‘Assumed formation on Capital Ship.’
I think you are right with ‘industrial’ :slight_smile: