inventory of links


Hey there,

I created a list of possible URLs coming from, making a full inventory of the links available in this site. This includes pages and external images too.


Things that caught my attention:

  • Some links ““don’t work””, because the image goes to If you take the www. out of these kinda links (main domain MUST be, they will work.
  • Some links REALLY don’t work. They go to… and they don’t work. I think they could be viewed somehow (recrafting the WordPress upload-URL maybe), but I didn’t put much time into it yet.
  • Some links don’t work, but the same link with '1’in its end work. ceo/ceo1, child/child1, etc are some examples. This explains the strange numbering in the logos images (021, 031, 041, etc).



I don’t think that anything below 295 is relevant - probably just WP internal stuff.

Things above 295 might and might not be important. Majority of it are just media file (wordpress attachment) posts which might just be remnants of when they were setting up the site before they made the choice to use amazon for hosting the actual media files.

I am inclined to believe that most of this is irrelevant. And the other stuff is probably too in the grand scheme of things.


How exhaustive was your search? Did you just backtrace the various image files on the site to their respective pages, or did you actually search all of the numbers up through 1313 and the rest lead to 404 pages?

I couldn’t think of a good way to search through that many pages when I first found the /?p= shortcut.


From 0 to +2k, with sleep of some seconds between each request just to not DoS.


Excellent. Good to know they’ve been searched exhaustively. If you didn’t find anything in that range, I kinda doubt we’ll find anything at all with this method.


I found a few more “odd” links, that is to say, there is nothing there, but they don’t yield a 404 either (Notice that I have no clue if they have a corresponding p=xx number): (redirects to main page)

Other (internally used?) pages are:
both were found through:

The Jason pages is how the first few links were obtained (from pages like: ).

Now they may not really mean anything at all, or they might contain some reference.
It is also worth noting that all files say they are created in 2015 and changed in 2017. This might just mean the templates/wordpress theme are from that day though.