"Dreamers" status and strange datas


I’d like to have a closer look about the dreamers component. If somme datas are natural (medical) the others are a bit strange.

The green ones are obviously physical, dreamer’s body informations.
In blue we can see the same datas from Philipp’s memo
and, of course, we have the same in game with differents techynologies in exosuit…

But what about the red ones ??? “Boundary integrity” ? The boundary between simulations i suppose. Without, dreamers would be able to see each other , like travelers at the end of the time ?
And this weird “Anomaly proximity”, in parsec ? How using parsec for someone sleeping in a room ? If it is used for and in the simulation so Anomalies are coded, are a part of the simulation and not a real anomaly in the simulated universe like we thought with Nada and Pollo.

What are your minds about ?


I think that the boundary integrity stat relates to what will likely be a feature in the game which may have to do with multiplayer…if you find the in-game crashed ship log #231187661T it mentions “boundary separation failure”…and then in the game right now exotic worlds contain these things called Boundary Failures…which right now only contain logs written by your suit’s AI, Telamon: https://nomanssky.gamepedia.com/Boundary_Failure


yes i know but if I can understand that in NMS, that’s totally different for people stucked in a W/RE secret lab in Sacramento. If linked so dreamers = travelers and that explains why there is only one traveler /simulation (when everything is ok). And that would say that Atlas is a W/RE creation…
But that doesn’t excplain the “Anomaly proximity” in parsec. This part makes me crazy.


Anomaly proximity is likely unrelated to the boundary to be be honest…that could end up being any number of things from the current anomaly station to new anomalies to expanded functionality for the present anomaly station and so on…not a lot to go on there. It could be as simple as a proximity to anomaly station stat on the galactic map so if we need to go find the anomaly station we can know where it’s at when we warp. But I don’t think that what the WARE people in the lab are experiencing is that drastically different from the game…they are essentially stuck in NMS 1.5…so when we see mentions of a boundary or boundary failure we are likely seeing a feature we’ll see in the game. It does seem like a lot of different mentions of boundaries and their strength or failure so I don’t think it’s that big of a leap to think a game feature is being hinted at here.


I don’t think in term of NMS. There are real people (in ARG, ok ^^) in a secret W/RE lab in sacramento stucked in a human experiment. These people are of course monitored and, on top of physical datas, W/RE check “Anomaly proximity” in parsec. Why ? What is it ? If they can calculate the distance between a dreamer and Anomaly (and interested about it since it’s monitored) so Anomaly is not an anomaly but something knew, coded and certainly important in the experiment.


Doubtful…at least for now those stats haven’t meat anything for us when helping these dreamers and I don’t see them becoming important to the ARG either…we’ll have conversations with them to find specific emotional triggers to restore their memories and community events like submitting pictures or whatever…I really don’t see those stats as being anything more than a) fluff to look cool, to make it look like these people are actually being monitored, and b) hints at game features in 1.5 like the boundary.


It could be that vV\re discovered there were some strange anomalies in its simulations it could not explain, and its hoping these twelve dreamers will uncover what they are essentially? Hence why its being tracked, as they approach it they can keep an eye on the dreamers vitals etc and get a good idea about what’s happening.

It could very well be that proximity to these anomalies is what’s caused past users of waretech to die and now vV\RE are troubleshooting with live test subjects?

Just a little idea but probably very far off from the truth.

It could just be as simple as having that statistic there as anoter nod to this being a NMS ARG.


Interesting. In the anomaly we know there is a Korvax Simulation Terminal where we “killed” Artemis in disconecting him from the simulation.


But wait. THe Atlas Anomoly is real it has been seen above Dayton, Ohio. Therefore it follows the Dreamers are real. You have to believe Fox News…


Very interesting and I decided to calculate the Anomaly Proximity to get a bit of an idea as to what distance we are actually talking about here:

37.39pc = 7,712,241.1AU (≈122 light years)
That is quite a large distance! For comparison, Pluto is about 39.5AU away from the sun. The above calculated distance is about 195 times as far away.

Here is a list of stars within 50 light years to give an idea:
These can still be seen with the naked eye, but becomes faint for many, if not most.
Then another list of celestial objects within 30.7pc (100ly):

Of course huge distances are nothing in space, it is pretty interesting to know whatever anomaly they refer to, is quite far away and likely not visible to the naked eye :wink:

Some search results for~122 ly:

Do note the mention of the Wow! signal, which ‘possibly’ originated from the constellation Sagittarius :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok guys, here are my thoughts on the matter…

Since the ARG’s main purpose is to create and explain the origin story of NMS, it’s no surprise that Waking Titan is coming closer and closer to using NMS terminology, with more overlaps of “buzzwords” within our community.

Boundary Failure
For me, the boundary is the division line between simulation and reality. In terms of the ARG, it stands for the division line between the software that W/ARE is using, and the minds of the people using the hardware. The boundary integrity stat measures how intact this division line actually is. A boundary failure may then happen when the minds of the people and the simulation become indistinguishable from each other. Like a fusion of mind-and-game. It creates a nasty situation since the self-aware mind is now “trapped” inside No Man’s Sky, having full autonomous and self-aware freedom within the simulation but not being able to separate itself from it. Something like a night-mare that you can’t wake up from. The screenshot that @kerdorin shared here shows a near-100% boundary integrity, so I’d say in this case the dreamer has high hopes of being able to be disconnected in a safe way from the simulation.

Anomaly Proximity
This is a funny one. Nada and Polo’s space orb is referred to in-game as an anomaly. It has the capability to travel between different galaxies, and “across multiverses”, and is somehow breaking the rules of the intended core mechanisms of the simulation. However, it is something that only exists within NMS. The fact that it is measured in parsecs shows that it cannot be a real-world quantity (because, since 38 parsecs is about 120 light years, that’s just… nnooo…) but rather something that would make complete sense within NMS the game. 38 parsecs (as the screenshot shows) is a fully acceptable distance within the game. So what would it actually stand for? I’d say, it does stand for some sort of super-user admin access within the simulation. With the difference that the super-users (Nada and Polo) are stuck inside the simulation as anybody else. They found a way to break the rules that the simulation has set up for sentient glitches (i.e. us the travellers), and are hence called anomalies.


Also noticed how the values make quite rapid changes within a certain range for both Phillip and #231187661T. These ranges also appear to differ for each dreamer. However with Eun Ha, value changes are very stable and are not changing rapidly. It appears this may be related to their status, as Eun Ha is Healthy, while both others still show corrupted.


My guess is the “Boundary Integrity” will start to fall later in the ARG, so it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.


Yeah but their heart rates jump all over the place several times a second to the point any human being with those actual numbers would die fairly fast if their heart did that…I mostly put those numbers down to their profiles being corrupted.


I am hoping maybe a designated ‘team captain’ or any other player, can monitor team member statistics to keep the team on track through a mission. Perhaps calling on Polo or Nada to intervene if needed to help give first aid or something, assuming they are close enough. Maybe the team has to run into a circular designated zone of safety that can be directed or moved by Polo or Nada or onboard freighter computer, managed by a team from space? I wonder why though Seratonin is monitored and there is nothing like Adrenalin.

I found this out about Seratonin by googling which is rather gross:

Serotonin syndrome occurs when you take medications that cause high levels of the chemical serotonin to accumulate in your body. … But too much serotonin causes symptoms that can range from mild (shivering and diarrhea) to severe (muscle rigidity, fever and seizures).

Low levels:
Low serotonin levels are often attributed to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, obesity, fibromyalgia, eating disorders, chronic pain, migraines, and alcohol abuse. Negative thoughts, low self-esteem, obsessive thoughts and behaviors, PMS, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are also symptoms of low serotonin.


I think we’re seeing more and more direct references to NMS, or at least the simulation it uses.

Boundary integrity is being measured in percent, and I’m assuming this is a measure of the separation of simulations. That’s why they can hear each other, the boundaries are not 100% and data is leaking from one simulation to another.

Anomaly proximity is probably how far away Nada and Polo are. Not sure why that matters though.

I don’t believe the numbers for the dreamers are actually fluctuating, or at least nowhere near that much. I assume the fluctuations are caused by the corruption. That’s why Eun Ha has the most stable numbers, because she has the most completed nodes.


I think the anomaly station will see some sort of improvement or expanded functionality in NEXT…it may become relevant for us to be able to find it fast in the actual game too…maybe we will use its simulation as a way to connect to multiplayer.


There is that one door in the Anomaly that is currently inaccessible.


Yeah but I wouldn’t get too much into the details of it…HG can redesign the whole place if they wish and add or take away doors. Since most space stations look so identical I also think they’ll get completely changed around at some point.