Did we ever get these?

“Build shelters and take refuge from storms and atmospheric damage”

This quote can be found right beside the image of the base teleporter.
I just thought it was interesting and worth a mention.

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@HypoLord: I included the ‘No Man’s Sky - General Discussion’ category.

I would think this refers to building a base as a shelter, although of course only one per player, with multiple players building them, they can all be considered shelters.


Aside from our single habitat, we can also “take refuge” by using the terrain tool to carve out a temporary cave or spit out/sculpt a temporary structure over our heads.


Does the ‘sculptured terrain’ protect you from the ellements does it? I never tried.
I got annoyed with that tool in the first few days and went back to blowing big holes with the boom-boom.


If you start from a solid structure (ground, rock wall, etc) and make sure there are no holes, yes it will work but only until the procgen puts the terrain back to it’s original generation.

In normal mode I still haven’t found the tech for the boom-boom. So I’m stuck using the terrain tool, which I hate, but it’s better than nothing. ;`)

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Absolutely; until you get the various shield and health module upgrades, hiding in holes is essential.
I actually got my very last tech yesterday (Pulse Splitter something Theta) :grinning: