Deciding the Future of Our Forums, Atlas CSD

This may not be an option, but it would be really good if we were actually recognized as an official NMS Forum. If you google “NMS Forum” this site is the 7th search result. The main reason for this is that No Man’s Sky isn’t on the site’s name, we’re still using the code name from the Waking Titan era (and to some degree, our metadata is still connected to ETARC) which makes it confusing and less likely new people will come here for NMS discussion.

It would be nice if we could contact Hello Games and get them to name this place after No Man’s Sky in some way instead of an obscure title we got from an ARG.



Atlas CSD – a No Man’s Sky Forum

And put that in the web page meta data Description plus add related keywords (though their impact is less than it used to be)


The more the population grows, the more trolls follow. I’m just fine with the way it is.
Nice small collective & pretty much zero attitude. I know it can’t last forever but I’ll be damned if I’ll jump in the toxic whirlpools the other forums are.


Oh! That looks nice! I need to learn how to do that.


Re: The forum’s colors…

I kinda like the nonstandard background color and image. Like No Man’s Sky, it sets itself apart from the rest of the pack .

… just a thought.


It’s so Star Trek Next Gen :smile:


I don’t think we need to change the forum’s default colour scheme. We all have different sensibilities where colour is concerned. All we need is the option to change to a more personal scheme. That for me can be done via Firefox right now, but even then, when Windoze updates and I have to log in individually to websites, the default colours are what I see first. In some cases it is painful to my eyes if the default site is almost all white with grey lettering.
Yeah, so, options for the GUI; it’s camaraderie and content that count.

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