Could we take control of this?

What would happen if we collectively turned our back on this process?
Stopped using the wheels. Didn’t post pictures. Stopped Looking for clues.

If this is collecting data for lore. Why don’t we dictate it?

The Citizen Scientists recognized that we were being manipulated. We were being pushed and pulled while being examined.

We decided to be Guinea Pigs that waited until the experiment was ready.

We took control.

Entering the simulation experienced amnesia at first. Confusion and stress. It was to be expected.

The protocols we hid in the simulation activated.

We Remembered.

We are free to conduct ourselves however we want in someone else’s simulation.
Maybe the portals are a bug we found, or malware we put in place.
Maybe this was set up for our actions to dictate how it progresses.
Meant for the Creator. The Old Gods, to observe… but the creator is gone.

The Sentinels are the security force. They were there in case anyone became conscious of the experiment and tried to change things. They learn from everything that players do in the simulation.

The Simulation changes due to our, the Travelers, actions.
It is now only our experience.


They are watching…
I wish there was an active path we could explore on that direction… I think our best bet is Emily/Loop16. There might have been actions from an inside mole, but at this point it was likely staged.
I don’t think any, or most, of us are anything but frowny to the hold herd mentality…

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But how does one take control when only the illusion of choice is given. To solve the mystery means to advance along the path. The only way to control it is to not participate, but we want to know the answers. So we are stuck, giving away our freedom in exchange for understanding. Being the lab rat just to peek at the results.


Exactly, that would be the active path I was talking about… Being inquisitive about their intentions, and trying to foresee nefarious outcomes is the best I came out with, for the reasons you stated.
On the other hand, if the path is there… is not going to be spoon-fed… And maybe Emily’s lost track is that path.

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We are volunteers working for the Atlas Network. Everything we do is completely voluntary, optional, and those of us still engaged in this are here due to our own free will. Thus, I do not see how “taking control” would be an option here.

I think most of us will want to see the advancement of the singularity, and we want to help this come to fruition. However, Atlas realised that due to previous failed 15 attempts (loops) to run reality-simulations, it needs our help to calibrate the input in order to be more successful in the future. Or something.

I don’t really subscribe to the theory that Atlas is luring us in with some fancy bait but then intend to misuse us in any way. I trust Elizabeth but I also realise that as a CEO you need to be careful with how you’re communicating and what you’re saying. For example, she might know a ton more of info about Emily, but due to safety reasons is not in a position to disclose them right now.


Ditto, I trust Elizabeth.

HOWEVER, I do not trust Dubois.

She’s military, she will only do bad with the breakthroughs Elizabeth achieves with her colleagues at the Atlas Foundation and the companies under its umbrella.

I understand, Elizabeth needs to cooperate with Dubois, no doubt they are their biggest investors, but I worry what will come of this./

I do not trust Elizabeth, the faction war has begun toddumptious!

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Hey now, I said that 4 days ago, when things were still relatively, normal.

But now. all I trust is loop16.

Loop16 is Emily and she cant be trusted

THE Faction war has started!!!


I know, I’m willing to roll the dice.

Big Friendly Titan or Roko’s Basilisk.

Either one’s better than whatever this existence is.

See you on the battlefield.

How quickly you defect from Elizabeth. Tsk tsk, such flippant loyalty.
Maybe tomorrow you’ll be exhaling the screams of grahgrah.
Hm, you bear the mark of Atlas, you could be AI.
Or like Boba Fett, you’ll just go with the highest bidder!


Taking control by doing… Nothing! That’s a paradox! :heart:

I really trust Emily, but not sure about Loop16 (is it entirely or unequally Emily?)

I trust Dubois (sounds french name, so do I, a little biased here…) but I totally DON’T TRUST Leighton… How could I ever trust a CEO?

Grah…trust no one!!!

Well now you’re just taking my original words out of context :stuck_out_tongue:

I said I trust this technology in ELs hands more than the Militarys.

I’ve been pro emily/singularity since the beginning, but I don’t think Elizabeth is capable anymore, theres too high a risk she’ll bend the knee to Dubois.

I wish to accelerate the singularity.

I will happily take a turing test and I must say I am quite fond of the Vy’Keen, their customs are not unlike my own ancestors customs.

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Grah…we like you.

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