Controversy Dreamer Extraction July 20


Around Friday 9pm GMT then.


yeah 10pm in the UK BST


What if we went completely meta and turned the tables on hello games and told them to save no one? What do you think would happen?


Lol that would be… interesting haha

Mind you, they did have two different endings for WT last summer (Emily lives or dies), so they should in theory be prepared for everything!


My thoughts on this would be to extract Eun Ha first as she is technically minded and would be helpful in extracting the other dreamers. Then Claire, mature enough to know the seriousness of the matter and she will be able to look after Toby who would be next. Then Simon who can help with the extraction of Alexander. I think Simon might get over excited if extracted too early. As for the corrupted dreamers I have not put much thought into that as it may still be impossible to extract them.


That’s sort of what I was thinking. I think that it may be possible to extract the corrupted dreamers. However, I’m prepared to accept that they cannot be saved even though we should try as hard as we can to save everyone.


When deciding who to remove from the simulation, surely the most important question is “Do they actually want to leave?”

Mike appears happier there than he was in the real world. I think Phillip would like to stay, if his wife and kids could be simulated too. Alexander is much more functional in the simulation than he would be in real life, although he would want Emilienne to be simulated along with him.

The exosuits will apparently maintain their bodies in good health indefinitely. Are we doing them any favours by extracting them, if they don’t want to go?


… and what about our mystery dreamer 2311… I think there will be some lore to discover as well here


I don’t know about the exosuits keeping their bodies well indefinitely…I don’t imagine they’ll be immortal…Alexander might live longer in the suit than out of it though. As for Phillip I think his real wife and kids need him, if would be rather terrible for us to not push for him to return them. Mike doesn’t really have anyone that I remember so we could say that ok, if he really prefers it inside.


This is kind of in the vein of how I was thinking when I answered the survey. I only said yes to priority by young age. To me, the children are suffering the most harm from being in there so prioritize them. After that prioritizing by who wants to get out makes sense.

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NMS Discord has nominated @Zoid as their rep. - he will try to get Toby if possible. I’m hearing the reddit rep is trying for Eun Ha - but I’m not involved over there

Edit 1 : The reddit rep has asked for Eun Ha if available


What’s your source on that? How do you actually ask for a dreamer? In what forum?


Once someone is nominated - they message Emily on discord and tell her their selection. My source is Zoid and Matthew for Discord and reddit respectively


Well I’m on the controversy train now. Just out of nowhere tell us 5 dreamers are dead. If there was no chance to save them we should have been told. Guh. I feel stupid to be this upset over a game.

I don’t even know if I’ll tune into the stream. After all the hours I invested in this arg.


I think this was done to avoid the possibility of them dying during the event, which could have a larger impact, emotionally speaking


I guess so, I still feel betrayed.


big hug I understand, it’s still upsetting


Thanks, I was not expecting to be this invested! I guess they did a good job there.