Confessions of a Traveller


:scream: You MONSTER !! (Just kidding. It is pretty hard scanning birds sometimes, but it would be preferred if you DIDN’T kill them)


While staring at the ground and shuffling my feet, I am forced to confess that I recently built a base on a frenzied sentinel planet for the sole purpose of having an obstruction to hide behind while attacking sentinel bipeds. When I ran out of ammunition, I left piles of wreckage and scores of vengeful sentinels behind and unconscionably teleported away to my gamma weed garden. There I enjoyed the beauty of the bright yellow flowers without a single thought for the smoldering twisted metal I had left behind.

Today I saw a sentinel merrily scanning a cactus and thought to myself, you have no idea what sort of monster stands behind you.


Dear Atlas.

I have no way to get my Collossus. Probably a game bug.

That is gonna cause the death of 500 creatures.



Dear Atlas…
There’s still something I gotta say… some boys need my help… I’ll have some work soon… but I’ll be back to dive with you brother.


Dear Atlas, It’s been about a month since my last confession.
While testing a portal using my partner’s game, I got carried away, recklessly zooming through tunnels in her fighter…and ultimately I crashed it, ruining her pulse drive and her clean regeneration history.
I regret nothing :grin:


Dear Atlas, this is my first confession.

After arriving at a new system, a Korvax freighter was under attack from pirates, the crew hopelessly outnumbered. The captain messaged me for help, and I refused.

I explored the system for quite some time, and every time I entered space the captain implored me for help. Eventually I loaded the warp drive and left, leaving the sharks have their prey.


Dear Atlas,
I deared to copy you!