My fan fiction

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Alright so to pass the time till the next update I have decided to write my own No Mans Sky story.

I think I am a pretty good writer so I’m really excited to work on this and I hope you guys enjoy what I put out.

This will take some time to write so maybe expect it sometime next week or maybe the weekend of next week but I will be posting it here when its done :slight_smile:

Anyways have a amazing day and happy exploring.

Before we begin please note when I’m writing I do make errors and some of those errors are ether gonna be really simple ones or ones that most people wouldn’t even notice but please keep that in mind and look past it as we explore our creative minds.

Also my story is based around my own adventure in the game along with my own created lore and none of this lore is based on anything like what is ether found in the game or was in the waking titan ARG this story was created by me and of course I know nothing about what will happen or change in the lore of the game or the ARG (As far as you know) so yeah like I said before sit back relax and take it a trip around my crazy , smart (Ish) mind and enjoy this mindless story about Adventure , Hope , Exploring and the most important thing (Friendship)

with over 110 hours in lets just say I have a lot to write about


Looking forward to it.

I second this sentiment! Was meant to get started on my own meta-lore/head-canon but life stuff done blown up in m’face! Don’t worry… Citizen TODD still lurks among the quasars and nebulae. Or, maybe you should start to worry…

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My plot summary

“A network of explores has been created to find and report planets and creatures all across the vast universe”

“However most space stations that the explores have been using as hubs have gone offline and now lay empty into darkness”

“A new race have made there way into various star systems and seem to be attacking the Vy keen as well as the Gek and the Korvax”

“The Explorers newest mission is to track down the new race and bring an end to the fighting but in doing so the truth of everything begins to be leaked”