Common Language and definitions Waking Titan Website


I think a common language would be good to have when discussing different aspects - using what I’ve seen in other discussions - I created this guide - what do people think? What needs to be changed?

Passkeys for Waking Titan as of 2017 June 14 (Informational)
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OMG! Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been getting so annoyed by things because I need to occasionally decpyher what people are saying…And getting things wrong just doesn’t help with clarity and understanding for people who are new…

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I noticed you didn’t include the red pulsing Symbol in the centre…any reason for this?


At this time it seems to be a glyph (the image name is glyph 3) - which is why the one arrow says Glyphs - there are a total of 16 counting the center glyph


Oh ok, would I be correct in saying it links to ETARC site?
Ooh don’t fore get doctor who tonight, maybe regeneration time? :wink: