Collective Thought Experiment: The meaning of life in one simple sentence

Since the Waking Titan is still sleeping, I thought I would create my own “collective thought experiment” as Elizabeth Leighton put it.

In this CTE, we are finding the meaning of life by expressing it in a single, simple sentence. Here are a few ground rules:

  1. Your statement must be in quotation marks and start with the words “The meaning of life is…”
  2. You MAY NOT use the words if, and, or, but, or any other conjunctions. It cannot be a compound or complex sentence, simple sentences only.
  3. It must be a complete sentence, no fragments or run-on sentences.
  4. You ARE allowed to explain how you came up with the sentence before or after it or give details on its meaning, but the the sentence itself must be a stand-alone statement.
  5. “The meaning of life is 42” will not be tolerated and will get you 50 demerits and sent to the principal’s office.

Here is my submission. It was created in a classroom by middle schoolers using a similar thought experiment. It’s not so much the true meaning of life, but a good way to look at life to stay positive:

“The meaning of life is that everything is going to be okay.”


“The meaning of life is perpetual improvememt.”
I feel like it’s everyone’s duty to improve life in someway. Weather this means inventing a sustainable power source, or curing cancer, life is always improving, so long as people try to improve it.


Similar thought.
“The meaning of life is to help others have a meaningful life.”
We can’t all have a grand role to play but, each one of us can reach out to help others even if it is just in small ways.


“The meaning of life is to avoid becoming dead.”


“The meaning of life is… that there is no intrinsic meaning.”

For me this means we must, and do, make up our own meaning (or have it indoctrinated). This is more about what sorts of things give our individual lives meaning, Loved ones, supernatural beliefs, logic, the pursuit of fame/fortune/infamy, the pursuit of self-knowledge, whatever…

We once believed that the universe (small as we believed it to be at the time) revolved around the earth. As our knowledge expanded, our place in that ever-expanding universe became displaced and diminished. Humanity experienced an existential crisis of sorts. The Void. The absence of meaning.

As individuals often do, in the process of living through time, we come to see and accept the Void itself as that which gives life meaning. We respond to that emptiness by choosing life, creating our own purpose/meaning (or most of us do).

Edit: In other words… “42”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m drawn to those whose created meaning shares similarities with mine. I like heartfelt meanings like that of @sheralmyst. To add to that I think it is important to make ourselves available to be helped when we need it (something I struggle with myself).

! Well this thread sure plucked my strings! lol

Edit: Aaaaand… I just ran out of hearts to give! Bother!


The meaning of life is … to find meaning in life.


“The meaning of life is adaptive perpetuity.”

(or it is an interest point for the programmer(s) if everything is simulated.)


I can’t improve on this. I believe a lot of things about life, and for sure, the universe is a wild, complicated thing. One simple sentence can’t do that justice.


“The meaning of life is to follow the path that has your heart.”


“The meaning of life is to find life”


“The meaning of life is … the search for discovery, the endless quest for knowledge, understanding yourself and the universe”.



It helps remind me that I am anyone’s equal.



“The meaning of life is FINALLY finding a piece of technology that doesn’t break in a week.”

I can confirm I am typing this from a broken laptop.


“The meaning of life is as individually unique for each being as the beings who ask the question.”


“The meaning of life is to Be.”


“The meaning of life is to leave the world as a better place than you found it”


“The meaning of life is to be remembered”.

This is the basis for most European polytheistic religions during Antiquity. And I personally think it is still relavant today, no matter what religion you are, being remembered is a honorable goal.


“The meaning of life is to decide how to use one’s gifts, once discovered.”

Two steps :
-first discover where I am gifted
-then I chose how to use these gifts

Example : I’ve never had a violin between my hands
So I’ll never know if I’m gifted at it before trying it.
If I am gifted at playing violin, then I’ll have to decide what to do with it.

Good thing is all of us, always, have gifts to discover!


Always be in “learning mode” because you’ll not have time to sweat the small stuff.

You also tend to do NOT grow old quickly. Stagnant lifestyles and thinking will age you quicker than anything else. Yearn for new experiences. Be forever young in your mind and your body. Don’t ever get into the “waiting to die” no matter what your challenges may be!

Ok, I am not know for being concise…sue me! -)



Yes, I believe the warlord that destroyed the temple of Zeus did it so his name would be immortalized. His name escapes me though…