Cloud Saving Dissynchronous

NMS cloud save has never worked for me. I have a Steam Deck but the game files have never been available to me on the other platform. That is true both ways. It is really strange that my Expedition rewards seem to carry over, mostly. When I started SD game, I began to have a notice at the QS store on PC which has the Exp 5 reward items in red as if I did not complete them. I did.
Now, I have gotten another small update today and I get this message…(on PC)

This has me a bit concerned, especially the overwritten part…my main save is on PC. Last night, I played on SD. So this is apparently wanting to sync to my SD which would be great except that I cannot tell if it will overwrite my main save on PC…
Disney Dreamlight Valley also uses cloud to sync between SD and PC and it works really well but, I have only one save file. In NMS, I have several.
So the question is, will this cloud save fill another slot in my NMS PC save slots or will it overwrite one that is already there?
If my SD save was already showing in PC, I would not worry about this…but it has never shown. So I have no idea what will happen.


So to answer my own question, nothing happened. All files remain the same and there is still no SD file on PC


Oh wait…there WAS a change. All my SD profile sticker etc…are now available on my PC. :rofl: