Capitalist Ambitions - How To Make Money in 1.3?

I was on a “High radio signal planet” Had a lot of buildings , compared to other planets, now. Like planets where a couple updates back.

I’m still finding my feet with 1.3 and have realised I need cold hard cash, and lots of it.

If anyone can offer any help on any of the below I’d be much obliged.

  1. Following 1.3 and the biome changes I’m now living on a frozen world where Coryza… sorry, Frostwort now grows in abundance. So can I grow this outside to save on space? Does this still count towards complexity?

  2. What would be an ideal set up for me based on this, as in ratio’s? How many Biodomes would I need etc?

  3. I had an old Insulating Gel farm on my freighter, 60 Mushrooms and 40 Cacti, they are still waiting to be harvested in their glowing red Hydroponic trays so obviously that’s a lot of crop. What would be the best way of using this harvest now?

Many thanks

That’s what I did! I’m not trying to get rich, but when I set foot on a planet I feel the urge to scan EVERYTHING!
Then, when I look at my bank account I wonder: “whoa! where does all that sweet money come from?”!
In the 1.36 notes I kind of understood they will reward even more for this, well, sounds good to me!

@Polyphemus did this to make living glass which sells for around 600.000 units each…

P.s. yes the outdoor plants do count toward your build cost

Your fungi will make a nice headstart to make explosive. (Acid & Unstable gell). All you need is a 25 mordite per 600 batch of fungi to get the acid. This will get you halfway.
Your cacti will get you the other half by making the unstable gell. 200 each.
(Figures are units not plants)
Good luck! :wink:

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In general:

The most common products created through farming currently are Circuit Boards, Liquid Explosives and Living Glass to make money with. Each of these products can sell well depending on market value at a trading location.

Each of the above products require a variation of farming crops. These crops each have their own harvest times and yield. To maximise the amount of crops you can farm, it is suggested to find the best location (planet) for the crop you require most, to be able to grow outside. Growing crops inside is more expensive as it requires additional building. It will however always be a combination of inside/outside crops, unless you wish to farm everything inside.

Pay attention to the harvest times, because you may want some time in-between farming to do other things. For example: Living Glass requires Frostwort, Coprite and Gamma Root. Frostwort grows in 15 minutes, while Coprite and Gamma Root both take 30 minutes to grow. To maximise harvesting you would have to do your rounds every 15 minutes, unless you double the amount of Frostwort to allow for 30 minutes rounds.

As mentioned before, Bio-Domes are cheapest and easiest to use compared to using Trays which require to be built inside a structure. So to maximise profits, make sure to build Bio-Domes with just a single door entrance for those crops that require to be grown indoors. Make sure to put one Bio-Dome on top the main Base building, including a Ladder for the full 16 slots, while all others will have 13.

For calculating profits several things need to be taken into account and depending on circumstances (crop to grow outside), product to make, and additional needs, can be tricky to fully calculate ahead of time, although not impossible. The total amount of points allowed is 2000, of which the default Base already uses 20 points. For max profit, add the 16 slot Bio-Dome to this main Base plus a Ladder and you can subtract an additional 45 points. Any additional points used for needs like Storage Containers, Save Point, Landing Pad, etc., can be subtracted ahead of time as well, to know how many points you have to work with for the crops and extra Bio-Domes.


  • Main Base: 20
  • Bio-Dome: 40
  • Ladder: 5
  • 10 Storage Containers: 9*5+1=46
  • Save Point: 20
  • Landing Pad: 50

Total points left: 2000-181=1819

This now leaves you with a good starting point to calculate the additional points available for the crops and Bio-Domes, while already having 16 slots available for crops to grow inside. From here on, it will be somewhat tricky to further calculate what is possible. I would suggest to check a single product recipe, calculate the amount of planting slots required and the amount of points that will use. You have 13 slots for each additional Bio-Dome/Door added and usually the amount of indoor crops is not quite equal to 13. I will attempt a calculation for Living Glass on a Radiated planet for max profit below, using the above calculated starting setup:

Living Glass example

Based on earlier mentioned base setup, 15 mins. harvest round, max profit.
Points left: 1819
Each Living Glass requires:

  • 2 Coprite (indoors)
    2 slots / 10 points
  • 2.5 Frostwort (indoors)
    2.5 slots / 12.5 points
    (due to harvesting twice per 30 mins.)
  • 8 Gamma Root (outdoors)
    0 slots / 40 points

I can already put 3 times this recipe inside the 16 slot dome:

  • Coprite and Frostwort (indoors)
    3*(2+2.5)=13.5 slots / 3*(10+12.5)=67.5 points
  • Gamma Root (outdoors)
    0 slots / 3*40=120 points

Current sub-total: 1819-(67.5+120)=1631.5 points, with 2.5 slots remaining.

Now to continue with the more tricky part, which is to estimate/calculate the amount of additional Bio-Domes possible. Each additional Bio-Dome/Door combo costs 45 points and has 13 slots. For exact calculation, we need to calculate the amount of recipe that fits these 13 slots, lets call that n:

  • n equals 2 Coprite and 2.5 Frostwort to fit 13 slots
    n=13/(2+2.5)=13/4.5 (=2.8888) times the recipe per Bio-Dome
  • Bio-Dome/Door
    45 points
  • Filled up
    13 slots / 13*5=65 points
  • Cost per Bio-Dome for Gamma Root
    n*8*5=520/4.5 (=115.5555) points
  • Total cost per full Bio-Dome and Gamma Root
    45+65+(520/4.5)=1015/4.5 (=225.5555) points

We have 1631.5 points remaining, so we need to divide by the cost of each additional Bio-Dome to calculate the amount possible:

  • Bio-Domes possible
    1631.5/(1015/4.5)=7.2333 (rounded up)

This means:

  • Total slots for Coprite and Frostworth
    16+7*13 slots=107 slots
  • Amount of recipes indoors for Coprite and Frostwort

We have to round that up to 23, meaning we will have some slots left empty.

  • Total Coprite (indoors)
  • Total Frostwort (indoors)
  • Total Gamma Root (outdoors)

Now let’s verify:

  • Main Base: 20
  • Bio-Dome: 40
  • Ladder: 5
  • 10 Storage Containers: 9*5+1=46
  • Save Point: 20
  • Landing Pad: 50
  • 7 additional Bio-Domes = 7*40=280
  • 7 additional Doors = 7*5=35
  • Frostwort (indoors) = 58*5=290
  • Coprite (indoors) = 46*5=230
  • Gamma Root (outdoors) = 184*5=920

Total points spent: 1936

So this means 23 Living Glass each 30 minutes, when harvesting every 15 minutes due to the Frostwort growth time. 3 slots remain empty, 107-(46+58)=107-104=3 and you have half the yield of 1 Froswort = 25 Frostwort left over each 15 minutes harvest round. There are also 64 points left over to spend on other things. 23 LG/30mins. equals about 32mil./hr

You can check costs for building here:

Additional tips:

  • Geo Bays can be placed outside Base boundary to not have them count towards Base Build points. The vehicles can be used for storage if wanted.
  • When owning a freighter, you could have your Storage Containers there.
  • A Save Point is not required if you have your Space Ship near, to enter/exit.

Hoping no mistakes were made and this is useful in any way … :wink:


Totally agree with @DevilinPixy.
Those components are the best to set up for early cash.

If usability outweighs absolute maximum profit then these couple of tips may help you. I like to run from room to room and make stuff at each room but in doing this my maximum production is below optimum…depends on your end goal and style of game play. I’m on a desert planet so my setup utilised the fact cacti grows outside but the principles are pretty much the same

A dome with one doorway filled with mushies(600) and one Mordite(25) will provide exact supplies needed for Acid.
Only 2 cacti plants(200) are required for an Unstable Gel to mix with above Acid to make 1 explosive.
No waste/leftovers therefore minimum storage required.

Living Glass:
A dome with 2 doorways gives exact growing spaces for Frostwort(500) to make 2 Glass.
A dome with 2 doorways gives exact growing spaces for Gamma Root and Coprite to make Lubricant
No waste/leftovers therefore minimum storage required.

Circuit Boards:
More complex but worth more…
Need twice as many Solanium to Frostwort to make Heat Capacitors (you can take advantage of Frostwort fast growing times to store some (double?) so your glass crop effectively supplies your full requirements).
Requires 100 Cacti Flesh to 200 Starbulb to make poly fibre.
Cacti and Solanium are very slow so staggered growth methods are required with extra plants if planning to have all three of the above materials in your production…or patience.
I have 2 domes dedicated to both Starbulbs and Solanium but I messed up and end up with too much of each.
My Cacti grow outside so I have an over abundance but again they are slow growing and are used for both explosive and polyfibre.

I’ve interconnected my domes either with tunnels or ladders depending on use and I also have a couple of dormant planters downstairs with one example each of unused crops (eg: gravatino) so for whatever reason I have access to that should I require.
I have some extra features I can delete if I find my base complexity is filled but at the moment I have 2 domes for explosives, 2 domes for Frostwort, 2 domes for lubricant, 2 domes for Starbulb & Solanium, several cylindrical rooms, a landing pad, a ramp and several cacti outside and still have room to expand a bit more.

I hope this ramble is accurate and actually helps someone…:grin:

Edit: fixed my home description.


Thanks everyone for your replies, this will help me out a lot. What are the best economy’s to sell Living Glass too? This is also needs more understanding on my part.

Many thanks again!

As for options, since much of the way I play is centered on moving toward the center, or at least away from any fixed base, I find a base restricting so I’ve gone the route of Fins_FinsT post above and using the buy/sell of Dynamic resonators. Usually I can net 4-5M profit per sell/buy session. This does require the ship tech “Economy Scanner” installed on your long warp ship, but I can load up my 48 slot pre-1.3 ship (with no additional tech installed) full of Resonators (215 I think?), switch to my long warp ship, scan for Wealthy/Opulent systems, warp, switch ships, sell/buy resonators to refill, switch ships, explore a bit, them move on to another wealthy/opulent system, without needing to go back to my base. Fair warning, only sell/buy in rich systems, I found mediocre ones have less station travel and once got stuck not being able to fill up my 48 slot ship and lost money on the next transaction.

I use my Freighter for farming things both for crafting and for ship tech supplies, it adds some additional value without much effort since most of my money is made with the buy/sell on the market. Any additional credits I make from farming/crafting is a bonus. Since I’m using the freighter to store my ships, and I have to swap them at each system, I can recharge trays whenever I want to without stress.

BTW, I’ve also found that if you are farming a big room in your freighter (and this may be true with bases), if you stay in the room, the charge on the trays lasts a LOT longer and you can usually get 2-3 crops per charge as opposed to the less than 1 you get if you charge then leave and come back later. While this may not be optimal if you’re sitting down for a long session of playing, it works great if you are doing other things in real life. Charge the trays, park yourself in a corner where you can see the room, go do things IRL, check in after grow time or when you see things ready to pick, harvest, go park in corner again, do something else in real life…rinse repeat.

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When 1.36 will be live, as they changed the value (and %) of the trade item, it’s valuable before leaving a system to fill your hauler with the best ressource as possible (i.e a -27% 40k item) and chose the best next system to sale it. You need the economy scaner when on the galactic map. the best “trade road” seems to be:
Group 1:
Red -> Orange -> Yellow -> Blue -> Red

Group 2:
Dark Blue -> Green -> Purple -> Dark Blue

(prices are now different but you can find items and resarch at )

It’s possible to double the investment.

I would like to throw in my 2cents. Although this will not make you rich, it is a nice. You can make money just exploring and scanning. I have all of the fauna scanner upgrades and am only lacking the +3 flora scanner. I just left a 6 planet system. When I entered that system, I had 121 million credits. I landed on each planet and scanned everything. 5 of the planets had fauna, I would stay and explore the planet until I discovered all of them. The final planet gave me an issue, there were 5 and I had only found 4 but was getting bored looking…so I bailed, just being honest. LOL Anyway, I finally renamed and uploaded all the info and left the system with 136 million in credits. That is not to shabby and it’s something you can casually do as you are exploring a planet… I find it leads to more exploring which isn’t a bad thing.


Totally unconnected but managed to buy 572 pieces of Omegon last night for around 20,000 units.

Just thought it might help those looking for this rare resource.

At least it’s better than it was. I uploaded a galaxy’s worth of scanning in early 1.3. now I wish I’d waited as I only got about 3mil in total.

it wasn’t an exhaustive set of scans, as I was moving rapidly through the galaxy, but it was at least a couple of hundred systems.

now you can make the same amount of money out of a single planet :smiley:

So, just to get my head round it. Apologies in advance for all the questions!

If I had 4 domes all connected like a square (two doorways in each) that produce Gamma Root and Coprite plants to make the Lubricant, and I grew the Frostwort outside, how much Living Glass would that get me and how much would I get for it in the correct market? Roughly?

And using the above numbers, how much Frostwort would I need to grow outside on my ice-cube world.

I could build bigger but I am reluctant to completely destroy my base!

I believe each dome would supply 1 LG worth of Lubricant. So 4 LGs worth.

5 plants = 1 Glass.
So you will need 20 plants (but bear in mind they are fast growing so half would work as I think the growing time is about half of the other materials).
Depends on how much you are going to be around.
Use the crafting menu to find values but remember over time the local market goes down so you need to consider your choices of less money selling local vs more trekking about getting good sales.
Check my maths too as I havent got the consol on at the moment.

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Thanks @Mad-Hatter, I read somewhere on here that the initial sell of ‘something’ they got about 12m for, then the price dropped and got around 8m thereafter. I could handle that sort of exponential price drop to save trekking. Obviously I’m sure they were dealing in larger quantities however so maybe not the best example.

Ok so 10 plants outside and four Bio-domes full with two doors in each filled with the other two to make my Living Glass.

I’ll let you know how I get on :slight_smile: Very helpful thank you.

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@PackRat If I am not mistaken, they will have the Dynamic Resonator ‘abuse’ fixed with the upcoming update.

@Oshoryu I have yet to figure out how price drop and raise works, but after just having sold 165 Living Glass at a Trading post for 709,342.5 per piece, the price dropped to 358,128.0 per piece. Made a nice amount though :wink:

Why even bother with that? It’s terrible at making units…if someone really wants to waste time on that let them lol.

I am not bothered at all with how others play the game. I would just be happy to see big flaws in the economy system fixed. This works with every item, although less profitable, just makes no sense.


Thanks @DevilinPixy for the info, I’ll get a small farm together and stockpile Living glass so I get more bang for my buck when I sell. I don’t do a massive amount of warping around but when I do, I’ll now have something to take with me.

Not quite sure who this was addressed too but for me, a Living Glass farm would work as 1.) It’s relatively easy to set up 2.) Turns a half-decent profit 3.) I’m on a frozen world so Frostwort can be grown outdoors.

I’m sure there are more efficient ways to make units but I’m after an Extra Income as opposed to Winning the Lottery, I don’t want farming to be my main source of earning as that’s what killed the game pre-1.3 for me, endlessly hearing, “Product Constructed” in my Insulating Gel farm… Now there’s lots of new and interesting ways to make that sweet green I want to get involved in.

I’m also loathe to completely destroy my base I worked hard on for the sake of units.

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