Capitalist Ambitions - How To Make Money in 1.3?

I agree with that. the adage “time is money” works in both directions :slight_smile:

Any way, I’m not trying to take away from this thread, just pointing out another source of making money that I have fallen into that has turned out to be more than sufficient (for me)… but I also have too many hours of game time farming under my belt which helped get me where I am today.

Nice work and good layout using Corridors. How about using the following trick to include Frostwort in your Corridors when doing your harvesting rounds?

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I would like to propose looking closer at commodity trading.

After the new update, I get 1.5 - 2.5 jumping between high economy systems, only stopping at the space station to unload and buy new commodites. Made about U14 million playing for an hour yesterday.

Improved trade product pricing
Improved price modifiers for different economy types

Looks like a load of frostwork people on a commute to work on the tube! Lol


Frostwork people on the tube, sounds like a Dr Who Christmas Special simultaneously trying to be current event and topical… ICE-IS? …I’ll see myself out.


Hey Polyphemus

Just a question, as I see that you have several domes , I was building my base yesterday, but after building 4 domes, when I want to create antôther one, I get a message the a reached my limit?
Could you gently explain that to me please?

Thanks Citizen!

Edit: Here is how I built it!

It is because you have too many other buildings, you need to build domes on the floor with as few corridors as possible to get the most domes, planting plants outside also count towards building slightly.
I hope this helps :+1:


It does !!
Thanks a lot @FRANK_CADILLAC

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Thanks to @DevilinPixy This may help also with build cost numbers.


You may also want to check out the below topic, where you can find exact costs for building:


Oh thanks a lot @DevilinPixy
I wasn’t sure if my question was in the correct topic!
I will check this carefully and try to build my base as well as I can!

Thanks to you fellow Citizens! :slight_smile:



It seems most of your question has been very ably answered by others, but just to show I’m not ignoring you:

As FRANK_CADILLAC has said, there’s a limit to how much you can build in your base. Each item you make, including plants, has a numerical value. Once that value reaches 2,000, you can’t build any more.

(I was going to link to DevilinPixy’s list of costs - but I’ve been beaten to it).

That’s why designing a good, profitable base is so tricky. You have to specialise in one profitable product, then concentrate on growing only the plants that are needed to make it. You have to find ways of growing as many of the right plants as you can, whilst at the same time using as few building materials as possible.

You also need to consider the conditions on the planet you’re building on - some plants will grow outside, but only in the right climate.

My personal preference is to completely remove all my base buildings, and start right from the beginning, concentrating on maximising growing space, while minimising building costs. It’s expensive, and it takes a bit of planning, but if it wasn’t a challenge, I wouldn’t enjoy it so much.

Have fun.


Pas de problème, n’hésitez pas à poser d’autres questions :wink:

Excuse my French fellow citizens, I could not resist …

In addition to what has been suggested already and after watching your video, I would suggest the following, especially if you prefer a combination of looks and farming:

  • Start with what you really want to have on your base and the rooms required for them.
    • Storage Containers
    • Tech Terminals
    • Landing Pad
    • Galactic Trade Terminal
    • Save Point
    • Etc.
  • When placing Bio-Domes, fill them right away, as crops also count towards the Base Complexity limit (2000). Know that one of your crops can grow outside depending on the planet/moon conditions. Place these as well if they are required for the product you wish to make. Same of course goes for using Trays.
  • Avoid using T-Corridors, they are quite expensive. Replace with L-Corridor/X-Corridor if possible.
  • Know that Geobays can be placed outside the base region (blue limit) to not count towards Base Complexity.
  • Press L3 (Moins d’infos) to see percentage of Base Complexity used. This will show at 76% or higher. A good indication to stop the main building if you plan on adding Lights and/or Decoration.
  • Wait with placing Lights and Decoration until you are satisfied with your general base and have some points left to spend.

In general, 2000 points are easily spend on a base and it takes some time to get familiar with this limit. Creative mode makes it very easy to test things, so you did well. For that reason, do not hesitate to experiment and test thoroughly.

Amuse toi bien!


Created a separate topic for this in the Knowledge Center, but useful for those who are looking to truly maximise their farming for max revenue! Feel free to check it out:

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Better to place biodomes on the ground with a door…you sacrifice 3 plants per dome but you lose a lot less building cap than wasting it on placing cylinders on the bottom…those cost you a lot more against the building cap. Also there are far better items to farm…2 mil items, 4 mil items, 5 mil items, 18 mil items…take your pick.

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I’d say that “the best” is probably a balanced farming and not a “Go Go Go” 1 item :smiley: If you can craft some explosives, living glass and circuit board when you’re back home it’s enough to craft 18M items with the ressources some missions give.
Of course it means moving to other systems, making missions etc instead of staying at the same place and harversting again and again :wink: At the moment i have only 4 biodomes but a 31 slots freighter and 250M credits without hard farming.
Scanning helps a lot i agree.

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Although your reply is aimed at my previous reply, my calculations for max profit are based on single not-connected Bio-Domes with just a single door entrance. Only one Bio-Dome is placed on top the main building with additional Ladder, as this one already exists.

I do certainly agree there are multiple ways to make good profits, although some require further progress for the recipes to become available. Of course there are other ways besides farming as well. I just had one single purpose in mind for the Max Farming Tables I linked, the 3 main products you can craft early on in the game, singled out and fully maximised.

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Actually I’d say the best farm is one geared towards the 18 mil items simply because if you can make those your farm is already prepared to make anything and everything…so whether you need a circuit board for a mission or living class to create a key quest item or anything else your farm is already prepared to handle it.


Yeah for the main building it makes sense…it’s already there so might as well make the most of it.

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In all honesty, I am not really all that keen on farming myself. I just happen to love some math and had created a formula to do those calculations. I personally like to have a bit of everything, just in case, next to feeling comfy at home :wink:

Looking forward to those even higher value products though, and who knows, maybe I will do some calculations on those at some point :slight_smile:

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