Can't exit ship - PSVR - Frigate Distress Call

So I was working on a new base and figured, high time I saved. I got into my ship and heard the telltale alarm of a frigate in danger. So I brought up my quick menu to answer the call. But pressing on it did not answer. And the beeping continued. Not a problem, I’ll get out and save and reload.

However, lifting my ships hatch did nothing but allow for a cheap work out on my arms. I could not exit my ship.

So I did the next best thing, I thought maybe it’s bugged and ill fly to my freighter and the call might kick in properly then.

Big mistake. In VR, when you land on a designated landing pad, the ship does not rotate until you exit the starship. Which meant I couldn’t even take off now. I was stuck in my freighter inside my ship, raising and lowering the cockpit hatch, my arms getting beefier by the minute as I watched NPC ships land in my freighter and taunt me with their rotating skills, and their exiting ship skills.

What’s more, I couldn’t even bring up the start menu to see auto/manual save, so I couldn’t measure how much playtime I just lost.

I turned off the console in defeat.

Not sure if it’s an issue isolated to VR because of the different method used to exit your ship, or if people who have to hit a button or key to exit will find themselves in a similar situation.

Going to avoid frigate missions for a time and get on with it :smiley:


Unfortunately… or I mean fortunately, I have never had a frigate in trouble. This sounds interesting like an interesting mission potentially; how do you increase you chances for this to occur?

(I suspect sending a mission out with under 4 stars, which I have yet to do.)


It’s a new playthrough so I just have one frigate, a two star trade ship I sent on a two star trade mission. If the stars equal or less than the mission it increases the likelihood of being able to call it back from danger, you also only recieve the call when you are in a ship.

You can also run in to the frigate under attack if you warp to the system its in during the call, however this only happened to me once close after next released and I still wonder if a freighter just happened to be under assault when I jumped into the system.

You also have the option of telling the frigate to stay on mission but this can result in worse damages occurring or a complete loss of frigate.

I’ve only done four frigate missions on new save and counting this one, the last three I’ve had to call it back. I even swore this was last solo mission and was saving up to buy a combat specialist frigate to keep it safe on the next mission :joy:


:open_book: Once upon a time, in a galaxy just around the corner, I had a frigate whose Gek crew were reckless.
Repeatedly, they broke their ship until one day
frustrated with their incessant stupidity, I refused their plea for help and sent them onward in the crippled vessel.
They were never seen again.

I think about them sometimes…


I’ve never seen them embroiled in an actual fight on arrival, but what you can do is to tell them to continue, but then warp over to their location and repair them in-mission, making it possible for them to continue without the danger of being destroyed.
I guess it might be possible that you’ll find them in the middle of a kerfuffle that way.


Might have something to do with the type of attack but it doesn’t indicate the issue until you debrief the fleet. I guess a little experimenting is in order :smiley:

Good to know you can repair them mid mission if you don’t call them home. Might do that in future :slight_smile:


Bit of sad news on this… I just tried to do it (repair frigate in-mission), and I wasn’t able to see a marker for the frigate when I entered the system, hence I couldn’t find it. Warped after it for three jumps, but in-system no marker ever showed up. So no in-mission repairs currently, it seems.
I do remember seeing their markers in-system at some point in the past, but right now I’m wondering if I’m imagining things…


No it was definitely a thing. I used to love following them around but usually by the time the system loads in they’ve already jumped to the next. Those lil heartbreakers!

I had noticed I wasn’t seeing the marker but I only have one frigate, also put it down to another one of those things just absent from PSVR for whatever reasons. The list, she grows! Can add boosting in exocraft to that list as I discovered last night.

When you check the controls it mentions boost but the button for it is a big exclamation mark in a yellow triangle :joy: so no sitting, no mounting animals and no exocraft boost. Some day, maybe. I reckon the boost is a rendering issue and the mounting is a complicated issue with placement and motion but the sitting makes no sense. Why can’t I sit down like everyone else :cry:

Good to know lack of frigate markers on galaxy map isn’t isolated to PSVR, I reckon they may have turned some stuff off while they straighten out the new additions, e.g upload all fauna/Flora has disappeared from discovery menus and I figure it’s just to lighten the server load while they tackle a surge of new and returning players until it naturally peters out a bit. That or they completely overlooked it on the discovery page redesign :joy:


Uploading all at once would put way less load on the server than uploading them all one by one, actually…


Guess it’s their oversight so :joy: