Can't build hyperdrive

I went to the crashed ship location, to find there was nothing there. Then, the game told me that I had received the hyper drive blueprints anyway. Later, after I had gathered all of the necessary resources, I tried building the hyperdrive, but found no blueprint.

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Update: I bought a ship with a cadmium drive, thinking it would let me bypass building a hyperdrive. Turns out it the cadmium drive is just an upgrade, so my purchase was wasted. I went back to claim my old ship, only to find I couldnt interact with it.

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On a related note, I never got the blueprint for Antimatter. It keeps telling me to warp to the next solar system , but I have no hyperdrive fuel. No one and no where has any Antimatter for sale.

I think this was an issue at launch with those who had the upgraded ship? I activated all the bonus stuff from my preorder, so that might be part of the problem?

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Same here, found a better spaceship yesterday, and couldn’t interact with my old ship after transaction, ps4