Awakenings & The very last blueprint for Hyperdrive

This is not for me as I don’t remember having a problem getting the Hyper drive when you first play the primary story line Awakenings .

But has something changed as although all was done as asked as shown in this screen shot some friends just cannot get past it even though sticking to the story line by the letter.

Any ideas what may have changed or is it a known Bug or just miss information in the game, no answers on google etc just lots about it with it seems 100s of different solutions that don’t work.

Does anybody know a solution to this problem as the hyper drive mission or so called blue print just does not trigger.

Thanks in advance - As feeling very sorry for some that are playing and can’t move forward in game due to this .

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Just to add I gave them Nanites and lots of stuff to sell. Hence, the high amount at start of game.

not sure what the problem is, the hyper drive is a separate quest,
the one you are doing is for the base.

ya need to go to space and scan that will start the looking for Atlas


Dont quote me as I might be slightly off but this is what I remember:…
Early on in the game, while doing the very first missions or interactions, you get sent to a crashed freighter site in your system. Here you recieve the Hyperdrive blueprint mixed with some dialogue along the lines of;
…this is not a freighter hyperdrive blueprint, this is for a starship. Someone has put this here deliberately…” or words to that effect.
You then install that tech in your ship. Shortly after the (base-building?) story gives you only one warps worth of fuel. This leaves you stuck in a neighbouring system until you follow the story prompts and ultimately get the warp cell recipe.

Simply visiting every marker in the HUD and ensuring you try every possible mission should get the ball rolling. Also don’t forget to randomly scan while floating in space as that sometimes triggers things.

Hope this was of some help…

Edit: *check the next post as it is more acurate. Edit2 *Removed incorrect detail.


As for the mission shown in the image, you’d have to build the ‘Blueprint Analyzer’, then start looking for ‘Buried Technology Modules’ using your ‘Analysis Visor’. Then basically keep checking the Blueprint Analyzer, using those modules to unlock parts. Also keep checking the Base Computer for updated messages. At some point, after having unlocked several new parts to build, you should receive a message on your Base Computer that will continue the story.

Edit: If all fails, try restarting the mission. Go to your ‘Log’ > hover over the ‘Awakenings’ mission > press and hold R3 > should reset…

The Base Computer should give you an ‘Emergency Broadcast’, which will require you to go into space and visit a Space Station to search for ‘intelligent lifeforms’. You will have to question several aliens on board the Space Station, asking about the emergency signal. One of the aliens will result in updating your mission, giving coordinates to a new location, which should be a Crashed Freighter. Find the location, which should have the mission marker at a Terminal of a crashed freighter. Interact with the terminal and you receive a message with the Hyper Drive Blueprint attached (@Mad-Hatter :wink: ) .

That’s pretty much how it is supposed to go down. If not, check ‘Reset’ above.


I was almost right. :crazy_face:
I forgot about the chatting to locals bit.


I was also accidentally able to skip that part once by finding a shipwreck, which come with hyperdrives. When I swapped ships, the “build a hyperdrive” mission completed.


Well that is exactly what I thought everybody I remember the base computer triggering the blueprint analyzer = so it is a definite Bug after they tried 3 attemps of game restarts it worked on the 4th attempt on a fresh game restart.

Not good though Sean has to sort that small Bug out could put a lot of potential new players off in the future.

Thanks all but I can confirm that in some cases it is definitely a Bug even more so that it happened to at least 3 players I know personally.

Cheers Gang for help :smiley::+1::v: