Legacy Freighters

I just found out (and apologies if this has been mentioned before) if you have a legacy freighter from 1.3 with the hyperdrive upgrades, and you then buy a new freighter, then you can still install the drive upgrades to your new freighter.

It makes a huge difference between the old freighter jump limit, and the new one.


I did not know that!
Is it limited to any specific platform? I don’t think I’ve seen the upgrades on PC.

I’m on PC. For a long time I was scared to upgrade my old legacy freighter, because I thought if I traded up for a better one, I would lose my jump upgrades. But I didn’t. I can still build them.

I have inherited the blueprints, I can still build them, even though I’ve upgraded my freighter. Nice.

(edit) I think you already had to have the upgrades. If you didn’t have them before 1.5, then you won’t have them now.

But if you did have them before 1.5, then the blueprints are still there. and you can still build them.