Brave new world


People of ETARC, it appears that we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era. One we have brought upon ourselves. I would like to say, in case I soon find myself unable to say anything at all, that whatever brave new world awaits us, it has been a priviledge puzzling with you tonight.


Through several seismic shifts in The Sim, one a partial universal reboot, I’ve remained unchanged. I’m counting on the Next One being the same, and am cautiously optimistic that neither that universe or this one will eat me. For at least a while… :yum:

Viva August quantum shift 1.3!! crosses fingers

By the way, at this pace, we’ll be enjoying this Waking Titan snipe hunt through September…


Had a crazy dream last night about waking Titan and the sim (No Mans Sky) like a vision of the future


I saw Space and many many ships flying in the same path towards huge fleets and all out war broke out