Boltcaster Not Working


It seems I can no longer bust open the doors…has something changed or is this an issue? My shots just bounce off using Boltcaster. Works fine on sentinels.


Its the ricochet function on the module making it bounce. You can find boltcaster modules without it, but they seem quite rare. I managed to get 3 S class ones without it but couldn’t tell before I installed them if they had ricochet or not, so cost me quite a few thousand nanites trying different ones.
That said…boltcaster sucks for doors now and I use scatter blaster instead.


Thanks. I guess I need to read the fine print…:roll_eyes:


Yep…I can confirm that ricochet makes doors immune to your boltcaster…really annoying…I had to buy and discard a few dozen Boltcaster upgrades to ensure I only installed three that didn’t have the ricohet trait. It was quite annoying really as every upgrade boosts a random 4 out of 5 stats for the boltcaster and one of those 5 is adding the ricochet trait so every boltcaster upgrade you buy has an 80% chance of having ricoshet.

Alternatively you can take down doors with the plasma launcher but you have to be careful with that thing because if you are in the blast radius of the grenade when it goes off you die instantly. The plasma launcher upgrades can also add the bounce trait but doors aren’t immune to it and you want it…because if you misfire and hit the ground next to you then you want the grenades to bounce away, not to kill you on the spot.


IT’s the S class richotte module that you have added.

I switched over to Scatter blaster / geo grenades.



I originally did the same thing, also losing thousands of nanites: buying S-class modules, installing, deleting any with the ricochet, repeat. It turns out upgrade module stats are not set when you buy them, but instead when you install them, and they appear to be based on how many times you’ve installed things. So, you can save a LOT of nanites by: save, buy S-class, install it, if has ricochet then reload, buy C-class, install it, delete it, repeat until S doesn’t have ricochet.