Best Multitool Weapons against Sentinels?

I have a Catch-22 situation where I need 200 Pugneum in order to install my fave weapon, the scatterblaster. In the past it was exceptionally good for quick breaking & entering, taking out weapon depots and pretty good against the ensuing pursuing sentinels.

In the meantime, I have the mats for a Blaze Javelin. Will that suffice for B&E and sending sentinels back to their creches, and perhaps even a depot or two? >.>

Or is there a weapon I should install that is even better/faster than either?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :heart:


I have a broken multi tool so I cannot help you. Hey, it was free and all the multi tools I was finding to buy were small.


It’s pretty much a matter of preference. I prefer the scatter blaster too, since it simplifies aiming on low FPS a lot :laughing:
There’s a few ways to go about acquiring the pugneum required to build it:

  • Buy it at a space station, if you find one that sells it.
  • Buy some S-class upgrade for your shields, and go low-level sentinel hunting with your standard boltcaster. You’ll be doing a lot of running away when the higher-ups show up, though (that’s what the shield upgrade is for).
  • Find a planet with salvagable scrap. The corrupted sentinels are a little tougher than the normal low-level drones, but busting them won’t trigger wave after wave of enemies, so it’s a lot more relaxed and can be done on default shields and boltcaster. Takes a while, but you’ll also get rich as a bonus.

I use plasma nades, they one shot anything but walkers - including you!


Yes that is my favorite weapon against all sentinels on foot :slight_smile: I remapped the shoot button to the number 1 key because I kept on getting blown up when exiting out of some situations. Now even though I have the bind right I cannot fire that weapon anymore till they fix it I guess. Really sad about that but happy I won’t hear people are dying from exiting menus and then going to the Quote Screen Of Doom :slight_smile:

PS however even with the safety of having the right firing codes on your Keyboard or Controller. The Bounce and close explosions will kill you from time to time. Wish they addressed that making the Bounce a feature you can turn off and on in settings and the radius of damage to yourself a bit smaller or not an instant kill.


Try using your quick menu, and then selecting your secondary - utilities all the way left

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It will be an awesome piece once you get done with repairing it --or trading it in on a 24-slot store-bought one.

@jedidia Thanks for the good advice. I’ll pop a couple for you while I’m at it. :laughing: