Beyond BEYOND - wishlist

In a follow on from my comment over in screenshots regarding ringed planets, (since this wishlist thread is more appropriate to such rants :grin: )

The rings need a bit more involvement, with the asteroids found within yeilding something different; perhaps red rings might hold asteroids that possibly give oxides…sometimes.
Or green rings may sometimes yield gasses. Something like that…

It would be nice if sometimes the ‘roaming’ frigates & freighters looked like they had a purpose, (like mining the rings or asteroids), as opposed to simply showing up and floating about.

I know NMS is getting to the point where my little PS4 is working so hard it might accidentally collapse in on itself in a loungeroom wormhole but there are just a few more aesthetics I’d like to see tidied up.

I’d like the freighter landing bays fixed so that the graphics make sense. The clipping through walls by starships is very messy.

I’d like to have a camera option view off the exocraft which doesn’t spend half its time underground or obscuring the mining lazer target. Again, messy.

There is the clouds thing viewable in your freighter (when in low orbit) that must be complicated to fix since it still exists, given how bad it looks.
I’m sure twitter’s Fix Clouds! dude has piped up often enough about fixing it :grin:

It would be fun if monstrosities occured out in the wild sometimes: Randomly hit an egg in the grass while harvesting some dyhydrogen and all hell breaks loose :rofl:

I think the occurence of boxes and crates is excessive. Maybe on some heavily populated yellow star-sytem planets it would be ok to have lots but on the more extreme worlds with lesser populations, signs of habitation should be more sparce,… including less boxes.

It would be nice if ‘Damaged Machinery’ took on more than one type of appearance: I’m thinking a variety of wreckage bits such as abandoned exocraft, wrecked/rusted out starships, abandoned machines, bits of unknown junk.
Keep the icon (visor) and maybe the blue sparks but give more variety. Perhaps ‘abandoned’ type planets would have all sorts of junk left behind but little or no habbitation. Would be good for ocean planets to have this kind of thing underwater to encourage lots of Nautilin use since underwater is so beautiful now.

NMS has grown into such an amazingly immersive game and for me, tidying some of these things up would just round it off.

And thus ends todays rant :laughing:


Would be fun to make discoveries in caves similar to this real life discovery. Aztec breakthrough: Archaeologists discover shock tunnel world hidden beneath Mexico City.
Archaeology news: Researchers discover secret Aztec tunnel world beneath the streets of Me | World | News |


They do. Some airless planets have monstrosity eggs just scattered about, with no buildings. Sadly they don’t hatch if you trip over them, which, I agree, would be a nice menacing touch.

Trouble is, the way the procgen is implemented at the moment, you would be tripping over the things every 50 yards - which would rapidly become a PITA.


Funny you guys should mention this because, guess what I did for a QS mission today?


I’d love to see ‘Legendary Fauna.’. Like a rare animal that is very unique only appearing on something like on one planet in 1 in 100 systems. When you enter a system with the legendary creature you would get another line that states a legendary creature in the system. When found there would be a story associated with it- just a short sentence or two. I’d love to see it apply to aquatic life too. It would be cool to run into a mega giant squid/shark/Nessie that was bioluminescent or an abominable snowman with two heads that blended into the terrain!


Then the abominable snowman hangs you by your feet inside his ice cave while your multi-tool lay just out of reach, :smile:


In absence of the force, I guess my rocket boots should get the me out of that jiffy rather quickly…


I want a compass enhancement – E and W letter indicators. They would be very helpful when trying to maintain a particular compass direction even when landing periodically.

As an exploring xenophotographer, I also would love some photo-related enhancements:

  • Variable torch intensity

  • Photo mode composition overlays of that you can toggle on/off. Examples: Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Golden Triangles, and Diagonals.

  • More accurate color rendition in Photo mode. Sometimes the difference from HUD view is way off.

  • Photo mode with torch on always shows “true” colors – even on monochromatic worlds.

  • Camera movement in space uses much more distance than when in atmosphere or on planet. That would allow a wider variety of shots in the vastness of space.

Hmm. Maybe we should have an Interdimensional Geographic Society that encompasses photographers, archeologists, and similar. :smiley:


Nice! :+1:

Fibonacci! I’m always having trouble getting a decent landscape composition.

Also I’d like faster camera movement in space and a much wider roaming globe.


Yes. Yes. Yes!


I often find myself hitting the SHIFT key (run), to get my camera at a distance.


When I’m in my spaceship and have several icons on the screen - let → ME ← choose where to go. My choice is the one closest to the center (:nazar_amulet:) of my cursor.


That is soooo aggravating, isn’t it! I even keep trying to “select” the icon I want to travel to by holding down the “E” key (on PC). But nothing happens.


Now that we can name our spacious storage containers, it would be nice it the name was shown here:



I would like, please-oh-please, to have the function back that allows us to trade from our cargo hold with shops, ships,storage, and freighter (and anything I missed).

There used to be an icon in the middle that we could use to switch between the cargo and the main inventories.

Could we please have that back?

I would also like to be able to once again see what is in ship/freighter/vehicle storage when they are out of range without having to mouse over each item because that whole inventory is now greyed out.


I believe this is a bug. For me, the switch option is still there, to switch from exosuit to ship, but it does not function.


Ok, Sorry that wasn’t clear…

It used to be that when you opened a trade window with your, say, large storage containers, there would be an icon in the centre, between the two open panels (main inventory and storage inventory panels), that when clicked would toggle between cargo and main inventory.

Now I have to close the “trade” window, then open my inventory and navigate to my cargo slot. Then I have to move the items I want to store into my main inventory slot, then I have to close my inventory and open the large storage again, in order to transfer the item.

That same toggle function used to appear with vehicle storage as well. The toggle was between your main and your cargo, while the vehicle storage panel was open.


Found a screen from waaay back showing the toggle in the middle, though this one was for the starship. The same icon appeared for the large storage containers too.

This shot is from 4/19/1918:


The Synthesis Update rounded out many of my previous wishlist items:

  • Multiple Multitools
  • Starship customization (although, I would like it expanded to include decals and color changes).
  • Gameplay and bug polishes (although, the drag-n-drop recharge isn’t as preferable that instant.)

So here is my updated wishlist for the game coming towards 2020:

  • A distinct villain (something I think we are working towards with the current story.)
  • An endgame mission (the world of glass would work great for this.)
  • Scenarios (sub-simulations with deeper story, perhaps historical events)
  • More variety and more super rare finds
  • More objects in space (space weather, space fauna, ship graveyards, gas giants, ect.)

I’m not a fan of games with a “Boss” to beat. I also like the less ordinary situation of no true endgame.


  • More lore, in whatever form – super.

  • More variety and super rare finds – sure

  • Space fauna (“Space Whales” ? You devil, you! LOL) – OK

  • Abandoned/wrecked ships in space – yep!

I’m not sure that “space weather” would seem realistic within a star system and we don’t travel between systems in “normal” space anyway.

By the way, the recent (NEXT?) addition of hazy space dust/whatever in systems is very annoying to us xenophotographers and not necessary. I wish they’d remove that. It sure doesn’t seem like an “enhancement” to me.