Beyond BEYOND - wishlist

You know what else No Man’s Sky needs? !


…which opens up to a very popular genre

Hello Games, please do consider bringing “Transformers in Disguise” to NMS :robot:

Why Exocraft Rocket Leagues, when you could have Mega Man ROBO Leauges?

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Built from logic circuits, mechanical parts, (perhaps base-building parts) and a new assortment of robotic parts… With the optional ability to transform on the fly, into a another megabot; or did I just go too far… Make players really have to work to build this thing, so we have a great sense of accomplishment in having crafted such a masterpiece :hammer_and_wrench:… But do allow for both simple designs and complex; small-scale and large-scale… Something you have autonomously walking around at your base, :scream_cat: perhaps guarding it, or performing other tasks, even just companionship, or that you hop inside and grab the controls… Can’t wait to hop inside my “UserGen ExoBot” and take on a “Procedural Bipedal”… Wouldn’t stand a chance! … Which leads me to thinking, perhaps there should be an even higher level of Elite Sentinel Force, the large-scale “Procedural ExoBots”…

…or was that PvP?


Sean’s PlayStation Blog post:

“When we sat down to write those first lines of code I could never have imagined the kind of trailer we just recorded. A multiplayer game, with base building, trading, space combat, ❝GIANT MECHS❞, economies, freighters, first person, third person, and so much more, all set in a beautiful procedural universe.”

Sniff, Sniff… Giant Mech Easter Egg? :egg:

Dr. Crim suddenly falls into a deep sleep, and the wild dream that follows, awakens…


…mobile base computers …or was that hyperdrive engaged? … :thinking: :rocket: