BBS systems - They Are Still *ALIVE* and Kickin'

I recent article (I didn’t bookmark it…) mentioned the days of BBS systems prior to the Internet. The article (I think it was on the Forbes website) told how there are still “a few” that still exist. So I went searching and found a site that allows people to “telnet” into the BBS sites…all 400+ of them. I guess that is just “a few”! Some are still dial-up only but most you can access via telnet.


I’ve suggested (in an email) to Alice & Smith that they should incorporate the BBS idea into their “projects”…expecially because if they are going to use “Radio Stations to play ads” and " Chinese Satellites to broadcast coded noises", then setting up and using an old-school BBS is perfectly suited for their “exploitation!” -)



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I use a dial-up tone for my ring tone. It is funny to watch people start to laugh and talk about ‘back when…’ when they hear it. (and younger people as they look around confused) I get a laugh out of it.


I still have a couple of 56k dial up modems kicking around somewhere. Along with the 5 1/4 inch floppy disk drives…

Remember the excrutiating feeling in your ear when you phoned somebody’s office, and connected to their FAX line by mistake?


Here is another great article from The Alantic website.

Just in case you miss more than just modem sounds from your past, here is another great site to bookmark…



I have the 56k dial up as a ring tone, my phone is always on silent so I never actually hear it but I play it for myself when overloaded with thoughts, helps calm and centre me for whatever reason. That and the sounds of old laserjet printers just take me back to being a happy kid with his first PC :slight_smile: