Base Building



Freighter Base. The Goodship Lollipop. I am proud of my freighter base. I feel very comfortable in it. Easy to get around in and a nice shortcut to the storage in the back. My crew is at ease and everyone is always rested, alert and ready for whatever the Universe throws at us.
Entry to Expedition Hall where we mark all our completed expeditions.
The crew gains a sense of pride each time they come aboard.

Straight ahead is the heart of all of our endeavors.

From here, the crew can quickly jump to and from POIs and research any away point from our archives.

To the left of this room is the Appearance Modifier and our handy Construction crew. They stand ready to assist us in any form of camouflage or stealth needed to accomplish our missions.

To the right of the main area is our scientist. He is a bit of an odd fellow. Doesn’t say much and we don’t ask. He gets us answers as well as questions. However he does it, is best left for his knowledge alone.

Continuing down the hall, we enter into the petrichor aroma-filled room of the Agri Gek. He can make anything grow. He has even been known to revive a few things that were thought bereft of all life.

Beyond this area is a tinkerer unrivaled in the Euclid galaxy. He once cobbled together an armored vehicle in the midst of battle. He then drove it to fame as he mowed down waves of Walkers with it. He keeps the walker brains in the lockers behind his station as a reminder of his proudest moment in battle.

Exiting from here, we enter the storage hallway. It contains all the crew will ever need to be successful at whatever they do.

At the far end of this hall stands the weapons supplier. He is a tough one to know and understand but we trust our lives with the high quality he demands in all the goods he carries. Only the best, is the one thing we can be sure he will say each time we see him.

Leaving here and heading back to the freighter entry, we pass through the Mess Hall.

The AI mess attendant does not command the respect of the crew required to keep them motivated in kitchen duties. I will have to look into this matter…no one wants to put their hands in a sink of cold, slimy dishwater.

That completes the main circuit of the freighter. If we return to the storage hallway, we can then enter into the refiner room.
Here the crew love to experiment with the elements gathered as we pass thru new systems. The aroma of geknip filled cookies is often noticed wafting down the storage hallway…it sometimes requires a day to reorganize the storage containers to straighten matters out. Ahem…

Passing thru here leads to the crew quarters and a place abuzz in the evenings with laughter and bawdy jokes.

Intense games of poker can often be watched and wagered upon in this area.

To both sides of this community area are the personal quarters of the crew.
Each has a workspace, fireplace and comfy bed and storage closets. Soft pillows and time spent with the visions in the space behind our eyes is the best way to an alert and smart crew.

Also near the living quarters are the gardens. Here the crew is allowed to grow and tend many of the foods and plants that we encounter as we explore.

At the center of the crew quarters is the Twin Cinema. There are many requests made for films that we search far and wide for. We also allow screenings of home movies. (After they have been reviewed by me…ahem.)

There are always plenty of snacks and drinks on hand.

And 2 movies to choose from

As for myself, though I do love my crew, I find I have need for some seclusion from time to time.
Above the Expedition Hall sits my private quarters.

I love to sit and meditate in the area above the Bridge.

I can pursue my own botanical interests in the entry.

As you enter, my bedroom is to the right.

Bathroom to the left

Straight ahead is a sitting area and the dining room

The kitchen is compact but works very well for the private dinners I throw for my officers. They deserve something other than the ordinary, They are such a devoted group.

And here is my private balcony. A place to reflect on where we have been and wonder where we will go next.

Commander Ayanyi and I hope you have enjoyed this little tour. We would love to tour your Freighter one day soon. Safe travels to all!


Thanks for the tour, I must return the favour. Love your viewing balconys Telescope, <3 There’s been sections of my freighter that have been getting neglected so this is a good excuse to spruce em up. Currently the top deck is littered with ship wrecks cos I was trying to see what crashed ships looked like on the freighter exterior, will need to mop that up.

Here’sa fun little trick I wasn’t aware of ;-;


I dismantled my pre Origin base because the planet was turned into a torrid, super-heated 24/7 raging storm by the Origin update and I could take it no more. Now I am trying to rebuild on a mild tropical paradise and I just cannot seem to get inspired.
It has not helped that my Roamer keeps slipping off its parking spot and sliding towards the beach. It is either possessed by a sea-faring spirit or the tide is creeping up when my back is turned


I think your exocraft keeps hearing HER voice, just make sure it doesn’t drink the water :slight_smile:


I feel a little concerned. The water has never actually been where it appears to be but, it seems to be worse than ever. Maybe it is just this planet? It sounds like I am walking in the water in these places. Hope I don’t wake up with my bed floating out to sea.


Wow, fantastic tour of your freighter base @sheralmyst! I have nothing but admiration for the thoughtfulness and planning that went into your construction. I hope your crew appreciates these fine facilities and the brilliance of their captain!


Thanks @Malveka ! The crew and I feel quite comfy on our freighter. So much so, I have almost abandoned planet bases.
The crew does seem rather appreciative. They roam the halls and visit the cinema and seem quite chatty and content, even when working at their stations. They seem to enjoy The Goodship Lollipop. It’s a sweet trip to the candy shop, where bon bons play on the sunny side of Peppermint Bay…


Lol! :rofl:

I feel like there could be a whole planetary naming theme grow out of that comment.


Just waiting for the right system


If I spot a system adorned with bows and blonde curls I’ll send the coords your way 07


Tap dancing Geks would be nice. :rainbow: :candy: :lollipop:

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