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i have been trying to build a base for a long time now. Know it sees stupid but i’m pretty new to nms. What do i need in a base to make it functunal. i have most blueprints. Plz help!!!


Welcome to the forum @Sir_Razzmatazz. Using the scanner to find an Electric source and any mineral or gas sources is usually the first thing I do. When I have these located I place the base computer as close to the center as I can. If you are not interested in mining minerals and gas you can start with building the Specialist terminals and hiring Specialist after you have electricity. The Specialist have tasks and quests to help you learn about base building and other things. Using foundation parts helps avoid doing too much terrain manipulation. There is a limit for that and the number of base parts. These 2 limits usually won’t interfere with your first few bases unless you build massive bases. Later (I have 48 bases in my Day 1 save) they begin to be a problem. Visiting other bases via the Anomaly teleporter is a good way to see how other people have built their bases. You can build on land, in the water or even in the air. Having a functional base is somewhat subjective. I have mining bases, farming bases and mini bases with only a solar panel and a teleporter because I liked the planet. My network of bases allows me to build 200 Stasis Devices per day. Building an Activated Indium mining base will provide you with large amounts of units if you don’t want to farm. Cobalt mining is a good start to building your Empire. Oxygen mines are very helpful also. Base building is really just as open to personal preference as the rest of NMS. It is a matter of asking what do I want to do and then building a base that helps you do it. There are many good reference sites and there are quite a few threads in the “Help a Fellow Traveler” category of this forum. Keep asking questions on this forum. There are many players here and we all help each other.


@Sir_Razzmatazz : I have changed the topic category to “NMS Origins - Help A Fellow Traveller” which is used for help requests with the game. We also have a nice Base Building topic where players show off their base creations, you might get inspired :wink:

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum @Sir_Razzmatazz
Solar panels and batteries are an easy way to get started with power. Getting all the storage containers powered is very helpful. Powered doors are the only thing that still give me trouble. Visiting other bases is a good way to get ideas.
Have fun and we look forward to seeing your base.


Not exactly Base Building /// But Sorta.

How the hell do you get base images to show up on Teleporter. Mine are just the place holders.
I thought this was always the case except Featured bases…apparently not.

Anyone on Steam figure this out? Or is everyone’s bases blue templates?


Hmmm…yeah mine is blue…I can’t remember if they have ever worked. Seems like it did at least once.

hmmm. only comments i wa able to find were people on ps4…that says it is working …but aren’t new. If this is a bug… I hope it gets fixed.

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